Monday, August 27, 2007

Italy - Last 2 days

We spent the last two days in Rome. Well, actually we didn't get in until late at night, and we just went to the Piazza Navona center, got our sketches drawn (even though they don't look like us) and had dinner. The only problem was Patrick was really sick at this point and could barely make it through dinner. We finally got back and just crashed. He felt a bit better on Saturday morning so we went to the Vatican. Lesson #1. Cover your shoulders in the Vatican.

We waited in line through security and made it all the way up to go in, when a rude man points to me and says "Prego". At first I thought he called me fat. Then I realized he was kicking us out because all of my shoulders were not covered. I had a sleeveless top with cropped pants - a nice looking outfit - but the sleeves weren't covering enough of the shoulder area. So we rushed to a local vendor, bought a cheesy ROMA shirt and went back. It was gorgeous, breathtaking, inspiring, etc. We walked to the top (which is a HIKE) and enjoyed the views of the city.

Then back to the hotel, to the airport and back home. The flight was great again and I could not wait to get back to the US and see my kids!!! One week is a long time away! As soon as we got back, I woke Gavin up and hugged him for 5 minutes. Then I went and watched Evelyn sleep - and snatched her up too!!! I missed my little guys!!!

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