Saturday, August 25, 2007

Italy - Day 5 - The Wedding

Today was the big day for Denny and Katia. We went to Denny's early on for a late breakfast/early lunch. And for some Texas Hold 'Em to release any stress.... which there didn't seem to be any. I took a nice nap (since I suck at Hold 'Em and was out early) and then we went back to the hotel (our new hotel where the wedding was to be held) to get changed. We arrived at the town center where the groom showed up with his family - and then the bride and her family shortly after. Just as the ceremony was about to begin, Denny asked his brother (their witness of the ceremony) if he remembered to bring his passport, which was needed. Of course not!!! So I took off my shoes and ran through the town as fast as I could to where they were staying, ran up to the top of the building and searched the apartment for his passport. It was there that I had the most surreal moment yet of my life (besides giving birth). I was in this strange foreign town where I did not speak the language, running to a place I had only been a few times (but still got there on the first try) and finding this guy's passport. I had never even been out of the country before and now it was second nature to me in that moment. I remembered Patrick's friend always saying "Live in the moment". So I tried to remember all the things I was seeing and feeling - and to quote from the movie "The Peaceful Warrior", I realized that there are no ordinary moments. As I was running through the town I was focused on getting to my destination, but then tried to listen to what was going on around me. A man yelling "Bella Donna (beautiful woman)". Two lovers kissing. A mother scolding her 2 year old then hugging him. Extraordinary. Things that, as an American, I did not expect to see anywhere except in the US. But here is was. Just as plain. Just as beautiful. The streets I was running on were worn down from time, the stones smooth as ice (and just as slippery). The old buildings, looking beat up and, well, old...were scarred with memories of battles and ancient times. Time seemed to go in slow motion and I felt the salty ocean breeze waft upon me as I ran (okay, jogged). I was truly in the moment and then came to the ceremony which in itself was extraordinary. Two separate families, merging together. Two separate people merging together. It reminded me of my life with Patrick. When we first met. Our journey that led to love...which led to parenthood and marriage...which led me to wonder if one lifetime on Earth was long enough to share with this man I loved to love.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so fun. One of the most fun to which I had been. The Italians love to play tricks at weddings and there were 2 that stood out: 1) Denny had to strap a cucumber to his nether-regions and Katia had balloons tied around her belly. He had to swing the cucumber and POP all the balloons! It was a riot. 2) The waiters were bringing out their cake when one tripped and the whole cake went flying! It was a fake cake - but looked exactly like theirs. It was sponges with icing on it - but everyone was SHOCKED! Including the bride and groom who looked like they were either going to cry or kick the waiters a**es. But then they brought out the real cake and all was well.

Of course, towards the end of the drunken night, the men had to show off their strength and do silly strong man competitions. Patrick won pull-ups, but Danielo won one-arm push-ups (but to me he was cheating because his belly was resting on the ground because he was much bigger in that area)!

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