Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Mr. Snowman

He took 4 people to roll the bottom layer, 3 people to lift the middle and all of us to decorate and make his hair perfect. Thank goodness this snowfall has good igloo/snowman/snowball making snow because the last big storm had lame snow you couldn't do anything with.

Girls will be girls...

Evie, Hannah and Olivia
aka Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel

Thursday, February 4, 2010

gymnastics and valentines

So I think my last post about gymnastics (last year) was about how Evie was most likely going to get kicked out. Well, guess what?!?!!? She is doing AWESOME! She has moved up and is now in the class without me, which is why I think she is doing so much better. She is such an independent little thing, so I think she needs her freedom. Anyways, she is doing great and loves it. Gavin is still the only boy in his class but I think he doesn't mind ;-) Brenna and Alexa (his buddies) are also in there and he has gotten to know the other girls too. I think he is just excited about gymnastics as Evelyn is! I love thursday mornings when they realize they are going to gymnastics and they listen to me, get dressed on time, Evie asks for her 'gymnastics hair', and they play with their friends there. It rocks!!!

This week, we also had the Welshes over to make Valentine's cards. Special Agent Oso (a tv show) had on how to make v-day cards, so the kids were all into it. Gavin even remembered how they describbed to draw a heart, and did a great job, ifidosaysomyself. He also made a card for himself... "because it is important to love yourself." I couldn't have said it any better!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now...things I DON'T like about having a girl...

Sure, I love doing hair, and I will be excited to ONE DAY help Evelyn with make-up...but this is ridiculous!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Gavin is the one on the left...

Gavin has been enrolled in swim lessons for about 9 months. He has moved up twice - but will probably stay at the level he is on now (Ray) for a long time. He can swim on his back all by himself for the length of the pool (but only by doing "chicken, eagle, snake" not the back stroke) even if the picture above shows him with a floatie. He can also put his head in the water when he swims, but often ends up coughing. He loves his swim lessons :-)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friends forever

Patrick and I have been talking more and more about Japan and have been asking the kids what they thought about moving there. The first thing Gavin asked was "Will I meet new friends"? So we said "Of course, you will meet new friends throughout your whole life, no matter where you are. Meeting new friends is very special, but it is also very special to have friends that you have known forever. Like Aunt Eileen and Uncle Matt have been mommy's friends forever. And Uncle Tony has been daddy's friend forever."

After much thought, Gavin later told us, "Ok. My friends forever are going to be Kelly and McKenna, Nathan and Carter, Brenna and Ava, Greg, Seth, Hannah, Big Boy Sam, Silas and Hailey." Breaks my little heart, but also makes me feel warm inside that he has such good friends...

Why I love having a girl...and other random thoughts

This is just a cute pic of blue eyes!!! Sorry for the bad quality - it was from my phone.

This is why I love having a girl. When I was in elementary school I absolutely HATED having my hair done (just ask anyone who knew me and my hair then). In middle school, some of my friends taught me how to do fun things - like braid and french braid, etc. Those techniques got more education from my aunt who would teach me while we were on vacations and from friends who became hair dressers and from college roommates and from sorority sisters.

So as soon as Evelyn started getting hair long enough to grab, I got her used to me tugging and pulling on her strands to make cute hair dos. She is very fortunate to have beautiful hair to begin with, it looks cute even when I don't do anything. But all the new bows, and bands, and hats, and barrettes...make doing her hair even more fun. I follow hair-do blogs now and learn fun new techniques. Today I did an inside-out braid (reverse braid, bone braid - it has different names). It looks super cute - and Patrick thinks I am wonder woman for being able to do cute things with her hair.

Today we also put up Gavin's storage unit (thanks Autumm) and labeled his toys. The kids get so excited to clean up and they help one another pick up their rooms. It is by far, the best parenting move I have made :-)

Chili Cook off 2010

Some of the Chili line-up

Socializing before the eating began

Last night we hosted the 2nd Annual Chili Cook off in our neighborhood. We had 9 families over (8 entered chili in the cook off) and had such a great time! We had 3 unbiased judges who did not participate in making their own chili. These judges were given cups of chili to taste and critique. After the judges scored each one, I added up the totals for each and the highest points were the winners! There was also a second place prize and we had everyone vote for their own personal favorite, who won the prize for overall favorite. The competition was fierce, but in the end, Kevin and Jodi were able to take away the victory (and coveted trophy) from last year's winners, Christa and Justin. 2nd place went to the Wendels AND Hiles (it was a tie). And the overall vote went to newcomers Peggy and Talbot! They were so excited, as were all the winners :-)
The New Champs!

2nd Place

Overall Favorite

We had tons of kids running around also, but were surprising well behaved. Evie put herself to bed at 8:30 and Gavin literally passed out on the couch around 10. We had some people stay for some crazy Rock Band playing - which was so fun!!! The kids passed out on the couch slept right through it :-)

We made mac and cheese and some pizza for the kids

Looking like angels

Mom of the year!

"Who says you can't drink wine and play the drums?" - me
"You look like the drummer from Def Leppard." - Christa

Overall, the night was a huge success and one more reason why I will be so sad to leave. It is hard to find such cool neighbors to hang out with and do things like this with. Sure, some people do block parties, but this is a group of real friends who truly enjoy each others' company. I am sure whoever moves into our house next (or rents it - Mary, are you reading this?) will be thrilled to be part of such a lucky, friendly neighborhood.