Saturday, April 12, 2008

You gotta know when to walk away...

Last night, Ashli invited Gavin and I to join her and Nathan to go see a play at her old high school (I believe in make believe). I was a bit wary - since it started at 8, which is Gavin's bedtime, but Ashli assured me it was only an hour or so long, so we decided to go. It was a typical high school musical/play with a lot of fall down humor, so Gavin enjoyed most of it. Nathan had seen the play last week and loved it - so we expected the same this week.


Unfortunately, after many unanswered attempts by Ashli to get tickets in advance, we got there right as the play was beginning and got the last 4 tickets available together - which were in the highest row of the bleachers (still a great view though). The bad part was that as we all know, hot air rises, and with a sold-out small auditorium and the hot spotlights right next to us, it was getting mighty warm and quick. Our cheerful boys slowly deteriorated and started whining and crawling in our laps. In an attempt to cool them off, Ashli took off Nathan's sweatshirt, but he was going downhill fast. Gavin was also antsy to "go downstairs" - which was not an easy feat since high school kids were seated in the steps off the bleachers all the way down to the ground level from where we were. But as soon as I heard Nathan say "Mommy, I feel like I am going to throw up" and "I feel like poop has to come out" - I knew we had to get out quick!!!

I know we made a total commotion getting down (only about 1/2 way though the show might I add) but it was so hysterical to see us. Man, how old are we, carrying out our little boys who are too overheated and threatening to puke all over the people in the rows below us? What a funny sight - if it wasn't happening to us! But once we got outside (and got a little food in Nathan's belly), all was better. He crashed 2 seconds after we drove through a McDonalds - but Gavin toughed it out and stayed until we got home.

A big thanks for the night out to Ashli though - and a little special time with Mommy and the big boys and also for Mason - our neighborhood babysitter!!! (with a little help from mom, Christa!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Down to uno

The title says it all...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And then there were 2...

Due to the unbearable sadness of cinco passing away on Tuesday, tres and cuatro passed away last night. Their little hearts just were too broken from the loss of their loved one. Uno and dos don't look very good either. The fishman originally gave them a 2 week span (enough to get the environment correct in our tank for "real fish"...) but we were pleased to have them as long as we have. Please keep uno and dos in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

fun again

We are trying to get in as much fun as we can before the rains are supposed to come! This morning we had gymnastics class for Gavin and Evie even joined in a bit. The kids all did lot better this week, because it was the same set up and they were getting used to the routine. Gavin absolutely loves the class and asks when he can go back! Check out the pics I posted or go to to see all of them.

We also went to the doctor to get Gavin's finger pricked again for a blood test (they did not get enough the first time). So afterwards, I promised him we would get a train, a movie or some paint for outside. We ended up with all three. So when we got home, Angie and the girls came over for some creative fun. The kids did great and actually painted for a while. We all went in for a while and then came back out for some play time. Evelyn was loving it too - and Christa came over with Ella and Silas. Angie watches 2 boys, so they were here too, and Leah was feeling under the weather so Angie had Brinley and Avery. All the kids had a blast! I truly love being able to stay at home and treasure moments like this. Nothing will replace the memories I have of hanging out with friends and watching Gavin and Evelyn develop into little people and make friends too. All the financial worries, stress about Patrick being gone (or home very little), being tired...nothing takes this away. I love being a mom - and am trying my hardest to cherish these days...

Monday, April 7, 2008

And then there were four...

Sadly, tonight, our fish cinco died. He lived a very long life of 3 weeks and 2 days. He will be missed dearly. Unless of course Gavin doesn't realize he is dead...then no worries. RIP old friend.


This weekend was so nice! We literally spent ALL day outside yesterday. From about 10am until 7pm. Partly because I was waiting for a stupid lawn care guy to come by (who said he would) but never came. It didn't matter - we would have been outside either way, but maybe not in our backyard the whole time! I am pretty bummed because I was having too much fun and did not get my camera to capture the moments. My neighbor did - so hopefully I'll snag some pics from her and post them.

Two of my favorite things about spring/summer is blowing bubbles with kids and grilling with friends. And we did BOTH! Besides playing on our new playset (and both of our neighbor's swingsets) I whipped out Evelyn's new bubble machine the Easter Bunny brought and some of our other fancy dancy bubble things. I literally sat with almost all the immediate neighborhood kids and blew bubbles and chased them for over an hour! Evelyn took a great long nap so I was able to act like a kid myself without having to chase her around too much! But even when she woke up she was just into playing too! She has quickly learned to climb up and slide down herself on our new playset and she loves to be a big girl and do it herself! And I love it because I can sit back and relax (with a watchful eye of course).

Then Angie and girls stayed over (their Daddy was on call) and we grilled some burgers and dogs and made some french fries. The kids didn't eat much - they were into playing - but just the smell of the grill makes me happy because I know warm weather is coming! I LOVE IT! It does make me miss Patrick even more though!