Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Gavin is getting much better at sharing with Evelyn! Even without being prompted. Yesterday we stayed in because Mommy wasn't feeling so good - and we spent some time in the basement with the cool toys. Here are some pictures of Gavin and Evelyn playing and sharing nicely. That's what Mommy wants to see!

Also, Evelyn is pretty much walking all the time. She still falls and will crawl around - but given the choice - she is choosing walking. That also means lots of bruises and crying from falling - but it is still so cute!

Monday, November 5, 2007


So as I read all my friends blogs and/or talk to them this week - I realize it is that time of year when everyone, especially children, get sick! So many people had that stomach thing and had to clean up after their kids for days on end. So many people had colds with kids that had to be held to sleep in an upright position because they couldn't breathe right otherwise.

Well my kids have been semi-sick. Not with the flu but the cold. And not bad enough to warrant any missed sleep (except for the occasional early wake up for Evie). But last night I started getting it so I couldn't sleep. Then Evie was waking up a bunch. And I could've gotten bummed or upset but I had this feeling come over me like "enjoy this". Even though I am tired and don't feel well - how much longer are my kids going to NEED me like this. Whenever you are sick you always want your mom (I still do now) but how much longer are they going to need their mom.

How long will it be until Gavin doesn't want to kiss me before bed and say "Good night Boog (a quote from one of his favorite movies)", or until Evelyn would rather read Teen Vogue instead of Good Night Moon? How long until they can bathe themselves or make their own food or wake up and go downstairs themselves and watch tv so mom can sleep in (ok some sound better than others for when they grow up).

But to all my friends reading this that have little ones - enjoy each day, each moment (good and bad) because one day they will not NEED you like they do now. So enjoy the fact that they sleep on you all night, or get you up at 4:45 because they are thirsty. One day they won't need that and you'll wonder where the good 'ole days have gone....