Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today I am grateful for:

- An awesome outlet for my kids to run off some energy during crazy winter months.
- Fun friends who we look forward to seeing every week (and often more than that).
- Women who help each other through tough times;
when you are sick (or your other kids are) and need a break - they watch your kids;

when you receive terrible, life altering news - they make you dinners for weeks;

when your almost 3 year old throws a tantrum - they help get your other kids to your car;

when you have the winter blues - they make sure you get out of the house and go to playgroup;
when you are missing your husband because he is on call every so much - they remind you this is just a "season";
when you are trying to sell your house - they take old toys;
when you are sad because your "baby" is now a big boy - they cry with you;

and when you didn't get enough fries for your kids - they share theirs.

- Gavin's amazing school that celebrates every child's achievements and good deeds and that teaches him about filling up other people's buckets and focusing on positive things/deeds in life.
- 40 degree and sunny weather after a long bout of cold weather!
- Having the perfect park right around the corner to play at after school.
- Having friends join you at the drop of a hat to play at the park.
- Having friends that bring Cafe Mochas to share on a 40 degree day at the park!
- Gavin choosing the dinner for tonight and making yogurt parfaits with granola, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, cantaloupe and raisins!
- Patrick taking the kids to play after dinner so I can put the laundry away (aka - blog time and facebook :-)
- Kids who would rather play outside than play video games (which then turns into kids who go to bed at 7 because they are exhausted from play).
- A quiet evening to spend with my husband however we choose ;-)