Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fire Trucks!

This morning I had a first. It was the first time ever (that I can remember) that I woke up on Saturday morning and went to the gym. It is nice to have someone to go with because it really does help motivate you to go. I told Ashli I would go so I didn't want to back out. I did 40 minutes of cardio then we packed up the kids and went to the Library because they were having a firetruck special. One of Hilliard's firetrucks were there, along with 4 firemen. They got dressed up in their gear (to show kids not to be afraid of them in their uniforms) and then one of the guys read some books about firefighters. It was cute. Afterwards, the kids got to run around and touch things on the truck, walk through it, etc. Ashli took some pics which I downloaded from her since my camera is still not working.

Then we made a quick trip to Target for come tankinis for mommy - to cover her yucky belly while still looking cute. And back home for a nice long nap for Evie, quiet time in his room for Gavin, and 2 hours of writing emails, paying bills, etc for mommy. Patrick is still hard at work on the deck - and it looks great! Some guy stopped at our house the other day and asked Patrick if he gave estimates....thinking he was a professional contractor! He was so thrilled! The biggest compliment he could've gotten! I try to tell him as often as possible how great it looks - but I think he thinks I am saying it out of obligation. But it really does look great!

Oh...and the party last night for the new intern class and their spouses was a huge success. We had 20 people sign up for our group. Ok - 12 women signed up and 8 men signed up for a golf/beer drinking group. But either way it was great. Nancy and Weslea had made these cute favors to hand out which helped so much while Cara and I met with everyone. Ashli and Cara's sister-in-law played with the kids at the party, letting them "fish" and drawing on tattoos. It was a very nice time!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Stupid rash - AGAIN!

So it's back. The nasty itchy yucky rash is back. The day after my meds were done it came back. Not as bad - but it still drives me crazy. I luckily got to the dermatologist today, where he spent all of about 5 minutes looking at it and talking to me. He says it doesn't matter what form of "contact dermatitis" it is - all that matters is that it should stop within the next week. If not, back to the office next friday for a hard-core injection of some shot! Please God, let this be gone by then! The old wounds are healing finally so I don't want to look like that gross leper anymore. The doc gave me some cream to rub on to help the itch but we'll see if it helps.

I am attaching some cute pics my friend Ashli took yesterday while she watched my kids (while I was at my primary docs office). Her mom just got her kids a ball pit so this is them playing. You can see how big they are getting! I am also attaching a pic my friend Mary took of some cards I (and some other friends) made for her to sell to raise money for Down's Syndrome. And Patrick says all I do is spend money on scrapbooking stuff and never make anything! Well here are 48 cards to show him!!! 16 sets of three cards!!! It was so fun to make them and I like the way they turned out!

Tonight we are going to the Intern Welcome Party. I am excited, and our friends Nancy and Weslea made some great favors to give out. What I am not excited for is that the place we are going is filled with poison ivy - so I am going to try to stay inside as much as possible!!! NO MORE FUNKY RASHES FOR ME!!!! (I feel like I sound like a $5 hooker).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fountain Park

So we had our weekly playgroup at fountain park today. This place is so cool. It is this giant cement area (not the greatest surface for kids) that has these sprinkler like things that shoot water out. Some are really high, some low. Some are waterfountains. Gavin ran around like mad for over 2 hours, as well did most of the kids. Sarah and Josh also met us and we had a great turnout from the group. The Youngs, Welshes, Williams, Petersons, Stuckis, Elliotts, Johnsons and Carozzas (I think I got everyone) came, as well as three new moms!!! Britt DeMill (ortho), Angie Christensen (anesthesia) and Jessica Clearfield (family med). Evelyn chilled in her stroller for a while so I was able to mingle which was nice. But each time I would try to go play with Gavin he would say "No! Mommy go play with other moms". He's too cool for me. He would play with his friends and then go off and run around by himself too. I am glad he is independent and confident enough to do that! It makes me crazy thinking how fast he is growing up! I posted some pics other people took since the camera is still broken. In the one pic you can see me trying to spot where Gavin is since I wasn't allowed too near him. I put him in a bright orange rash guard shirt so he was easy to see.

They both obviously took good naps after that so I could relax a bit and clean up. Patrick worked all day (which is unlike most days this month) but he came home and we had a nice dinner. Low Carb of course!

And for those interested - I am done the predisone but as soon as I stopped - my rash/ivy is back. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and will probably need an emergency derm appointment (since it takes a year to make one). It is spreading and the old stuff is coming back. Whatever it is - it sucks!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Friendly neighbors

So we were introduced to some new neighbors of ours accidentally. One of the members of our spouse/moms group brought a new spouse/mom from her church whose husband will be starting anesthesia this year at Patrick's hospital (if that makes any sense). Turns out, they moved in right across the street!!! Well, a little diagonal but a spits distance away regardless. Her name is Angie, her hubby is Cory and they have three daughters. We were obviously meant to be friends because listen to her kids names: Kelly (5), McKenna (2 1/2) and Camille (4 months). Ok - so no relation to Camille but Kelly and McKenna?!?! How weird is that! For those not in the know - McKenna is Patrick's mom's maiden name and Evelyn's middle name. Anyway, they are these cute little red heads and Gavin already asks to go to Kenna and Kelly's house! Today we stopped by to play in their little pool in the back and have some Popsicles. I posted a pic of the three of them! Too cute!

Ashli Welsh and I also went to the hospital to meet the new intern class during orientation and give any info to them regarding our significant others support group. We had lots of people sign up their spouses - let's see how many spouses actually come! There were a lot of women who wanted their hubbys to join but I doubt that will happen. Guys get weird with stuff like that. I hope they join - but am not holding my breath. We will meet them all on Friday night at the intern welcome party so we'll see!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Deck Progress

So Patrick is getting pretty far along now with the deck. His dad left on Saturday and he did not get to work on it at all on Sunday but still has this week pretty much free to work on it. Here are some pics to show their progress...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ortho Party

Sunday June 24 - One of Patrick's attendings (Dr. Tesner) hosted the annual good luck/going away orthopedic surgery parties tonight. It was at his house in Upper Arlington which was gorgeous! Although I love our quaint little house here in Hilliard, it is nice to see what the future could hold. It was just so nicely put together and landscaped. That was the nicest part. We were not supposed to have very good weather, but it held out and actually was the nicest part of the day so the kids could play outside and run around and everyone had plenty of space to roam. Patrick got his a** kicked last night on-call so he was not in the best/liveliest of moods. But none-the-less it was still very fun. I get such a kick out of watching all the ortho guys get together. If you know one ortho - you basically know them all. Sort of egotistical, very competitive and perfectionists. I am allowed to say this since I am married to one - but I know you are all thinking I hit the surgical nail on the head. So getting together with a group of them is quite enjoyable. Luckily, they all have a mutual respect/understanding for one another and just love to talk shop! Thank goodness for the wives! I am so grateful I have such a good group of friends through playgroup as well as getting to know some of the ortho girls. I already am close with a few through the spouse group but some more will be joining...and for those who work or don't have kids yet - it is great to get to talk with them. Not that you can do much talking when you are chasing kids around, but you get the point. After Gavin jumped feet first into the waterfountain area (yes, the waterfountain next to the outdoor fireplace section, next to the courtyard, next to the grassy/garden area), and Evelyn was getting sleepy and Patrick had DEFINITELY hit his limit - we took off around 7:15. Right before we left I was talking to Mrs. Tesner who was interested in getting involved with our spouse group. She said she could arrange some of the other attending wives and we could get together for cocktails or tea or something else that they do. Give us a break from daily grind and relax and get some tips about the real ortho world from them. I am really excited about this possibility and think it could be fun. Plus, when the attending wives like us wives, it is better for our hubbys! Hopefully!

This pill is driving me crazy!

So one of the "funny" things that happened while back in PA was that I got a nasty case of poison ivy. And since I am allergic to it - I was not a pretty site. Patrick wouldn't even hug me - not for fear he would get it (because he is immune to it) but because I was so hideous! Anyway, after a week of itching, scratching and spreading it all over my body - I finally went on some medication (Prednisone) to control it. I know some of the side effects - but still had to take it.

The worst is the mood swings. I was warned I would feel great for thee first three days (and did - "inappropriate happiness" is the side effect then) and then I would taper down and start to feel more "down". Patrick was laughing at me and my craziness/moodiness last night because he could totally tell it was the meds talking!

The other bad thing is that I am trying to lose these last G.D. 10 pounds that my lovely daughter gave me while I was pregnant with her. I am working out, eating better (trying the south beach thing) and getting good rest - but to NO avail! I actually have gained 2 more pounds. Until Patrick reminded me last night that people on prednisone get swollen, puffy, retain water, etc. I was about to kick the diet and working out - but I guess I'll keep trying to see if I get results after this medication.

The worst part is I still look like a leper or something. I have these lesions that are scarring over but I look like I have herpes all over!I am just in one of those "I feel fat and ugly" moods. Patrick says I should stop watching "The Girls Next Door (the funniest show ever about the playmate/hugh hefner girlfriends) because I am getting depressed that I don't look like them. Not that I ever did!! :-) But I just can't get my belly back to shape. I know all the moms out there are reading this and laughing...some gave up, some got surgery to help it and others just suck and lose it no problem. But with Italy 3 weeks away - I want to look better. I have the "mom pants" look, the FUPA, whatever - so please give me any ideas to help!!!

OK - I am done with the rant. On another note - Gavin is in the potty training process now! We found a cool training kit with Toy Story stuff (his newest fav) so it works perfectly. He has not gone yet - but sits patiently which I thought would be the hardest part for him. We are really going to work on it this week because it is Patrick's last week before he starts Children's. Keep your fingers crossed!

PS - The pic is one my friend Leah took at our scrapbooking/stamping class. I don't have any of myself because I am always the picture taker so I thought I would post for those who haven't seen me in a while. This does not show my fatness too much! But notice the long sleeves - I am covering my poison ivy up!