Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ortho Party

Sunday June 24 - One of Patrick's attendings (Dr. Tesner) hosted the annual good luck/going away orthopedic surgery parties tonight. It was at his house in Upper Arlington which was gorgeous! Although I love our quaint little house here in Hilliard, it is nice to see what the future could hold. It was just so nicely put together and landscaped. That was the nicest part. We were not supposed to have very good weather, but it held out and actually was the nicest part of the day so the kids could play outside and run around and everyone had plenty of space to roam. Patrick got his a** kicked last night on-call so he was not in the best/liveliest of moods. But none-the-less it was still very fun. I get such a kick out of watching all the ortho guys get together. If you know one ortho - you basically know them all. Sort of egotistical, very competitive and perfectionists. I am allowed to say this since I am married to one - but I know you are all thinking I hit the surgical nail on the head. So getting together with a group of them is quite enjoyable. Luckily, they all have a mutual respect/understanding for one another and just love to talk shop! Thank goodness for the wives! I am so grateful I have such a good group of friends through playgroup as well as getting to know some of the ortho girls. I already am close with a few through the spouse group but some more will be joining...and for those who work or don't have kids yet - it is great to get to talk with them. Not that you can do much talking when you are chasing kids around, but you get the point. After Gavin jumped feet first into the waterfountain area (yes, the waterfountain next to the outdoor fireplace section, next to the courtyard, next to the grassy/garden area), and Evelyn was getting sleepy and Patrick had DEFINITELY hit his limit - we took off around 7:15. Right before we left I was talking to Mrs. Tesner who was interested in getting involved with our spouse group. She said she could arrange some of the other attending wives and we could get together for cocktails or tea or something else that they do. Give us a break from daily grind and relax and get some tips about the real ortho world from them. I am really excited about this possibility and think it could be fun. Plus, when the attending wives like us wives, it is better for our hubbys! Hopefully!

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