Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures by Mary

Today I asked Mary to come over and take some pictures of G&E for a mother's day project I am working on. She got some great shots - and we had a fun morning in the sun! Then Ashli took my kids so I got the lawn mowed, floors scrubbed, laundry put away, packed, and signed up a new demonstrator for Stampin' Up. Very productive! Thanks Ash! Then Cara took Ashli and I out to the Columbus Fish Market for our birthdays. Super Yummy - but too much food! I got the crab cakes and ate bread and artichoke dip so I was too stuffed for dessert. The desserts were HUGE - so I just nibbled at theirs. Thanks Cara - it was a great b-day gift! YUM! Nothing better than a nice note out with girlfriends!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Name, Middle Name

You know when you yell at your kids when they are REALLY in trouble you use their full name? Well, I do it, and I know my friends do it too. So when Gavin sees someone doing something bad - he yells their first and middle names. I noticed it with Ashli's kids...Nathan Christopher - do not do that! Or Carter Benjamin - no no!!! It is pretty cute. He even knows when he is in trouble without me saying anything. He says, "Is Gavin Elliot in trouble?"

Another super cute thing he got from Angie's house. I don't know how it originated (maybe he did it or one of the other boys she watches) - but he started calling McKenna "the kenna" (almost like dakenna). So yesterday I heard him yelling at Evelyn saying "Evelyn the-kenna do not stand on the couch!" I did not even know he knew her full name. But now all day he has been calling her that. It is so sweet.