Friday, July 18, 2008

La Chatelaine

Last night we had one of our first meetings of the new year (since Doctor's years are July-June). We met at La Chatelaine Restaurant and Bakery in Dublin and had some delicious desserts and drinks! We invited the new spouses as well as some spouses of attending physicians - and had almost 25 people! It was really fun - and besides some loud music - I think everyone really enjoyed themselves!
The Advocates to the 6th District Board Members

Irene Bell receiving the Osteopathic Spirit Award (being watched by the 20+ members)

One of the delightful desserts served!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Franklin County Fair

Funnel Cake

Big Slides

Helicopter rides

Motorcyle rides

Evie's 1st Carousel ride


Monday, July 14, 2008

Fresh Faces

Yesterday we were able to get our pictures taken from our dear friend, Melissa ( or Evelyn was not in a great mood for picture taking - but Melissa did managed to snap one decent one. Gavin was hamming it up. Here are 2 of the pics she took - but more importantly - SHE IS HAVING A CONTEST ON HER BLOG - so go vote. Gavin is #22 and Evie is #23. But there are tons of super cute kids - so vote carefully!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ortho BBQ

Last night the new chiefs for Patrick's Ortho residency held a BBQ (at our favorite Homestead Park) to welcome the 5 new guys (3 new interns and 2 adopted residents from a program that got shut down). It was great to see everyone, and despite the off and on rain, we had a blast! Gavin got to play with some old friends, Daddy got to talk to a bunch of people, and mommy got to catch up with the girls. We had delicious food and even whipped out the fishing poles and caught a HUGE fish (so big, I couldn't even reel it in on the Lightning McQueen rod - we had to manually pull the string in ourselves). It is so nice to see the residents hanging out outside of work, and is a great indicator for the year to come!