Monday, April 27, 2009

big girl bed

So Patrick convinced me it was time to make the switch. He felt so bad every night, caging up Evie in her crib tent, that he finally MADE me agree to put her in a big girl bed (thanks to Ashli for letting us borrow it). Gavin switched just after he turned 2 - but our Evie is a creatively different child than her brother. She can find ways in and out of places she shouldn't be. And I (selfishly) was not ready for her. I felt bad about losing Mr. Doodle - and now to make her grow up so fast and go into a big girl was just too much. But Patrick held my hand the entire time and we made the switch. And Evie LOVES it! Here are some pics of her the 2nd day in her bed. She still won't nap - but that just means earlier bed times! I am hoping the naps come back though. The first night she fell asleep on the floor - but tonight (the 2nd night) she fell asleep in bed (at 7:15) after only 20 minutes of playing.