Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We just keep getting snow, more snow and MORE SNOW! We've had more days off from school than we had going to school. So needless to say, the kids have been getting a bit of cabin fever! We did have the chance to go to Nathan and Carter's birthday party ( a swim party - thank goodness!), play at a friends house for some sledding fun (thanks Charlotte) and had a Valentine's playgroup party to keep them entertained. We also did get one day of school in last week, which was the Valentine's party. I made these delicious Cupid Clusters (3 cups yogurt burst cherrios, 1 cup melted white choc chips, 1 cup crushed dried strawberries) and put them in cute heart shaped tins. Of course, I also sent in my yummy pretzels with red, pink and white m&ms. De-lish!

Cupid Clusters

Since we were snowed in mostly, we got to play a lot with the neighbors. We went to Angie's and used our present from MomMom and PopPop Bull (heart shaped popcorn balls) and created fun toppings and then ate them! We also played more in the snow and had our first official sleep over (with Silas staying over here on Monday night once we learned there was no school on Tuesday). It has been fun - but I am soooooooooo ready for spring!!!!
Making heart shaped popcorn treats

I have been chomping at the bit also to get out (without the kids) for some fun...which came in the form of Fergie Ferg and the Black Eyed Peas Concert. Even though the roads were horrible (and I had a snow virgin driver), Dana and Autumm joined me in going to this awesome concert! Thanks, Babe, for letting me buy the tickets as my V-day gift and staying home with the kids - YOU ROCK!

Dana and Autumm at the concert