Sunday, June 3, 2007

What a trip! Day 4

Saturday, May 26 - Today was a pretty fun day. First thing was to get up and eat with mommom and poppop then we were heading off to Lowe's for our bi-weekly trip for Gavin to make his project there. This week was a race car so he was very excited to go. Mommom was on the phone with Erin (my sister-in-law) and Erin wanted to go somewhere but her husband wanted to work around the I volunteered to take their 3 kids with me too. Mommom would watch Evie and I would take the 3 girls (Tori, Abby and Bridget) and Gavin to Lowe's and then Target. What a trip! The girls were very well behaved and get Gavin occupied too (except for one major melt-down at Lowe's so I just strapped him in to his stroller and let him wail until he was done). The race car was a bit challenging, so I basically had to help (okay, make) 4 cars! People looked at me like I was crazy for taking 4 kids by myself! Luckily, the nice lady overseeing the thing helped a lot too! The girls were so excited to get their aprons and official patches to put on them. They are looking forward to going again on June 9th (the next one). This time, I will make sure to bring help!

After Lowe's, we went to Target to pick up a few things (diapers, wipes, food). It was Tori's party the next day so I let her pick out her birthday gift..which she loved doing. I was also to look for a little wheelbarrow for the kids because Poppop had a lot of work he needed help with in the yard and had just gotten a dump truck full of dirt to drop it off in his driveway. So lots of dirt moving needed to be done! Perfect chore for these kids! I found the best little wheelbarrow, with matching shovels, rakes, and a little bench too - and they were on sale! We went back to the Bull's, had lunch and helped play/work in the dirt! What a fun day!
I left the kids playing while I went to exchange and pick up my car. I didn't speak to anyone - since no one seemed to be in charge. Just dropped off the car and picked up mine and signed some papers. No big fight - yet.
Later that evening, Beth and Brent Kunkle picked me up and we went to Emily and Dirk's place in the city. There was a horrific storm outside - but we made it safely! Once we got there, Emily had made these awesome Buzz Aldrin's - for those of you Philly people who know what that is (basically Tang, peach schnapps, triple sec and water - rimmed with tang powder) and it was so good! Too good and went down too easily. After 2 in about 10 minutes I knew I should slow down! Not used to drinking anymore. Anyway, it was another great night out with adults and great friends, and again...when I got home the kids were nice and settled and sleeping!