Saturday, December 1, 2007

And the winner is...

My favorite picture from our trip home - Gavin having too much fun with his Godmother, Annanna (Aunt Anna - or Auntie Anna) and her havin too much fun back!

Evelyn's Thanksgiving

A funny sequence of a 1 year olds' Thanksgiving dinner...


Sorry for the delay in posts - but you know how it goes when you get back from vacation. I am STILL doing laundry (we got back wednesday night and it is now saturday night), but am on my last load. Here is a brief rundown of our vacation:

PA: We had so much fun seeing everyone as usual. I went to my friend Anita's baby shower, had dinner with my girls from D Phi E, saw my besty Eileen and her family, had a dentist appointment, waxing, lunch with Dad, PopPopPop and Kiki (and cousin Jay), hung out with mom and Kaitlin, had Turkey day with Mom, Wil and Kiki, then saw Dad and Beth for drinks, then to the Bulls (plus the McKennas) for dessert. Very fun-filled day of family and food! Then I met up with a long-time friend (Dawn Rogalinski) on Black Friday to see her baby girl and went shopping at the new outlets near mom's house. Overall, a very packed - but enjoyable week.

FL: On Sat, Patrick and I met up in Orlando and flew the last leg together to Ft Myers. We arrived around 8 at night to our resort (a gorgeous place called South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island), unpacked and went to get something to eat. Luckily, we ran into the bride-to-be and groom at dinner so we got to hang out and meet everyone before the big day on Sunday. We slept in UNTIL 9 the next morning and casually grabbed a bite to eat. Again, good timing because we sat next to the couple and her parents, and also ran into some other friends to have breakfast with. Then the guys went golfing, I laid out (got a little sun burned) , and I got a $94 pedicure (don't ask!!!!) and then time for the wedding. It was the most picturesque beach wedding imaginable. Dolphins swimming and diving behind them at a cove overlooking a gulf coast setting sun. Perfect temperature. Just gorgeous. A full moon topped the evening off - making it look like a scene out of the Love Boat - with the reflection off of the water acting like a spotlight on the wedding goers. The only downside...chiggers. Google it if you don't know what they are. I am still suffering from them!!!! It was much more tame than we expected from an off-the-boat Greek family and Long Island Italian family. But still very fun. We slept in until 9 again on Monday!!! And then did NOTHING! Ate breakfast with friends again, laid out at a cabana, played Boggle, ate lunch, took a 2 hour nap, then said goodbye to most of the family and we got to spend Monday night having dinner with the bride and groom before they left on Tuesday for the Keys and their honeymoon. It was so nice to catch up and get to know Shannon (the bride) whom we never met before. She was so great and I am so happy for Johnny! We got to sleep in also on Tuesday and check out slowly. We had breakfast on the next Island (Sanibel Island) and dropped off our car and caught our planes. Very drama free! Overall, a perfect chance for Patrick and I to catch up on some sleep, spend time alone (and with friends) and fall in love even more with each other. Even today I keep smiling thinking about how good he looked in his tux or how we slow danced at the wedding. It was a great romantic surge for us - in a MUCH NEEDED TIME!!!

Now we are back, Patrick celebrated his 34th birthday, has been on call twice already and we still have so much to do before the holidays! YIKES!

Today is, however, our annual Christmas Tree Shopping Day. The first Saturday in December we go to pick out our tree. Last year we found a great place and swung by today and found another perfect tree. We are letting it sit and drop before we decorate - but I will make sure to have a post about that!!!