Friday, December 7, 2007

Allergy Update

For those of you asking about Gavin's allergist appointment yesterday...

We are thrilled that he does not show any more signs of peanut (or ANY nut) allergy anymore! He mostly just has seasonal allergies (as do we all) and allergies to cats and dust. But the Doctor is still amazed at how SEVERELY allergic he is to eggs. He says since he began practicing in 1969 (yes, he is an old doc), he has never seen a case so bad like Gavin's that he can't eat things that are baked with egg (as baking is supposed to kill the allergen in egg) or even get tested for egg in the office as he totally breaks out and needs treatment immediately following the test. He says he thinks he will have his first infant patient to NOT outgrow the allergy by the time he is 5. We will wait until he is 5-6 y/o and get a blood test to show if he will have it probably his whole life or if he will outgrown it. But until then, still nothing with eggs for the G-man. :-( I guess mommy will have to eat all his Christmas cookies....

Santa Santa HoHoHo

So we did our annual trip to the mall to visit Santa today. We've been meaning to do it for a while now and Gavin was set on going TODAY. Even though it snowed 4 inches on Wed and another inch or two last night, we ventured out along with the Welshes to Tuttle Mall to visit the Jolly Old Fat Man.

Once we got there, we noticed a store that said "Christmas Train". We thought it was just some model trains or something but it turned out to be this cool ride on thing. The boys were ecstatic and they got to ride it! It was a good bribe too because we promised if the boys were good, we would come back before we left. Let's just say Gavin did NOT see round two on that thing! He actually wasn't too bad at all - but when we did go back there was a choir singing, so we got to say the train was napping, and he let it go at that (after a promise to play with our own trains at home).

Overall, Gavin was so excited to see Santa, but got a bit shy when we actually go there. When we were in line (like one or two back), Santa was in between kids and looked directly at Gavin, smiled and waved. It was the coolest thing to him! He kept saying, "Santa said hi to me!" When we got up to him, Gavin opted to ride on the little reindeer instead of sitting on Santa's lap - but still gave him a hug. Evie was tired and cranky and just didn't care much to get her picture taken...but it still was cute. Another typical, one kid smiling, one looking away, picture. But that is what is so great about mall pictures. You know that's what you are gonna get!

We did get stopped many times by people admiring Gavin in his tie! He pulled it off just right, looking suave and cool. What a stud!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Starry Night

Saturday (12/1) was our friend Bryce's birthday party as well as our annual Christmas Tree Picking Day. The party was way fun - although Gavin fell asleep for a bit in the car and was cranky while we were there. But they have a kick a** play room so Gavin spent most time in there. Cathy made these cute cupcakes but placed them in ice cream cones - so they were a hit too! Even Evelyn enjoyed some!

After the party we went to the place we went to last year to get our tree. It was the same nice guys again and we fell in love with a tree after a little searching. It was another perfect tree and only cost $40!!! We got home and set it up to let the branches fall before we decorated it on Sunday.

Gavin was so excited for our tree (and decorating it) and really, really wanted to help put the star on top. In the pictures you will see him half dressed as we are in full-on potty training mode again and trying the no pants thing to "catch" him as he is doing it (more on that later).... Anyway, Daddy got a break from his call shift and came home to help. He strung the lights while I put on the ornaments and Gavin was lifted to the top to place the star on the top of the tree. He is still talking about how he did it, and how happy he was that he got to "put the star up the tree". The kids both love waking up and coming down to see only the tree lit and they just lay under it and stare up. I get teary eyed watching the magic and spirit inside them!

Back to the potty training far Gavin has managed to poop on our floor 3 times, pee on a pillow and also on a dining room chair. But each day is getting better and today he came over to me as he was just about to poop - I ran him up stairs to the potty but he just couldn't hold it anymore and let it go on the hall floor. Thank goodness they are hard little turds that are easy to clean up!!! Sorry for the TMI. But we are trying this for a week. No going out. No gym. No store. Maybe playgroup - but that will be it. It is nice to lay around all day in PJs. But I'll be very happy once this is done!!!