Saturday, April 4, 2009


WOW! It's been almost a month since I last posted. Slacker! But I guess that means that we have been pretty busy - so that is good. Patrick finished his last month of trauma and is finally around again. I forgot how nice it is to have a husband :-) This post is going to be very sporadic since I have so much to blog about and not enough time to do it appropriately!

Gavin had spring break the last week of March, and since Patrick was never home, we decided to visit our family and friends back in PA. We had so much fun - but it was quite exhausting with all the stuff we try to cram in.

First, we went to the Poconos to "Whiff's" house. Whiff is what Gavin calls Wil. It was amazing. I was very sad Patrick wasn't there, because it was right up his alley. Wil and I got to go out on his new 4 wheelers (Yamaha Grizzlies - AWESOME) and mom and the kids went for a ride in the heated Gator cart. It was supposed to be in the 50s - but it was really cold - so we couldn't do too much...which was fine by me. Gavin's allergies were really bad though, so it made sleeping in the same room pretty tough!

Then we went back to mom's house. Evie got a nasty cold and was pretty miserable, so we laid around in pjs all day on tuesday and did nothing! I had a dentist appointment (no cavaities again) but we just rested and chilled which was great. Then we went to the Please Touch Museum in philly with Eileen and Eddie! It was perfect for the kids. Yes, I was THAT mom that brought her sick kid to the museum - but she liked it. So who cares how many other kids we infected :-) Later on wednesday I got to meet up with one of my BFs, Emily and her boyfriend for dinner which was super fun.

The kids and I also got to hang out with my dad for lunch on Thursday, but that was really all the time we got to see him :-(

I got to go shopping at the amazing outlets near my mom which was a treat! She spoils us! But it was so nice to just sit around, eat dinner, drink coffee and watch tv. I miss her a lot! We talk all the time, but there is something so soothing about hanging with your mom.

On friday, we packed up some stuff and headed for the Elmwood Park Zoo (super cool) and then to the Bull's house! Evelyn was a riot with PopPop Bull - hugging and kissing him, saying "I love you PopPop"...she just melted him. She is going to get her way with the gentlemen all her life I bet! She melts her Daddy too!

I had a morning to myself on Saturday and met up with Eileen again for our annual spa treatment. We went to lunch afterwards at PF Changs which was very yummy! When I got back, we had Patrick's sister and her family (all the cousins) over for dinner and then I stayed in and played games with RyRy and MomMom! It was fun!!!

Sunday I had a get together with the alumni of my sorority, D Phi E. I caught up with some of my old roommates, my big sister, and even my real biological sister. I then went back to my moms and had the other sister (and her kids) and my girlfriend Michele over for dinner. It was a great way to round up the end of the trip. We drove back on monday - but didn't get to see Daddy until Tuesday - because he was still on call!!!