Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 amazing things...

Here are 5 amazing things that Patrick did for me this Valentine's Day:

5. Bought me PINK roses.
4. Made sure the kids got me a card and something sweet.
3. Watched Fireproof.
2. Bought Evelyn the sweetest card.
1. Snuck home from his trauma shift to make me homemade buttermilk pancakes!!!

He also cleaned, did laundry, and remembered our first Valentine's together - 8 years ago. We were only friends at the time, getting together for lunch at the mall for a work project. At lunch, he gave me one of those cheesy valentine's cards that kids give to each other, but when I went out to my car there was a single red rose with a very romantic card....the beginning of our story.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

V day mailboxes

Last night I finished up the mailboxes for Gavin's class party today! They are from the dollar spot at Target, finished with some stampin' up designer paper, and some punched out hearts. Each mailbox is stuffed with yummy cupcake treats (3 cups strawberry yogurt blast cheerios, 1 1/2 cups melted white chocolate, 1/2 cup dries strawberries), snack sized candy bars, some hershey kisses and a valentines card signed by Gavin. They took a while - but I am sure the kids will love them!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Double Rainbow

Tonight we got to view an amazing site...obviously it was much cooler in person. The one rainbow was so bright - it almost looked fake!

Who do you love, baby?

The good old boys club

Dropping off our Valenitne's!

Making our bags

Eating the goods


This week we have had lots of love going on around here! We had lots of fun activities planned since we thought our friends Cara and Hailey were going to be staying with us, but Hailey got really sick and they went back home to Illinois :-(

Sunday we had our friend Ellie's birthday party. Then another party for Nathan and Carter (at the famous Pump It Up) on Monday.

Tuesday, we had our weekly storytime and read some Valentine's books about loving your mommy and daddy. It was really cute when Erin (who reads the stories) asked the kids who they were going to love this Valentine's day. One of the boys, Seth, being the good Christian child, said "Jesus". Some other kids said their families. But Gavin said "Brenna", one of the other little girls in the group that I think he may have a crush on. What a pimp!

Wednesday we had our playgroup V-day party. The kids made valentines for each other and we decorated the bags and lined them up and gave each of our friends some love (and candy!). The moms made some yummy treats and we had a crazy good time. Crazy being the main word there.

Thursday Gavin will have his class "friendship party". It's their PC way of saying Valentines party. I am making 15 mailboxes and special treats for it! So fun!

Friday is our only down day - but we will probably do something special with Daddy since he is on-call on Saturday, actual Valentine's Day. We made special gifts for Daddy - and Mommy made a really cool photo book on Shutterfly (called "I love you more than..." it has cute pictures of the kids and little quotes like "I love you more than eating ice cream in the tub" - and has a picture of Evie eating ice cream in the tub). And Saturday we have ANOTHER birthday party! It has been busy - but we LOVE it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who had more fun?

The Moms? Or the Kids?

We went to Pump It Up for playgroup this week and I think the moms were just as excited (if not more) to get out of the house and run off some energy! Lucky for us, we are going there again this week for a birthday party!!!