Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sad passing

Mr. Doodle - Sept 19, 2006 - April 11, 2009.

Mr. Doodle (aka pacifier, nuk, binky) was 2 1/2 years old. He was born unto Evelyn McKenna Bull at Riverside Methodist Hospital, and stayed a true companion to her for all of his years. In 2007, he graduated from newborn to big-girl pacifier, being by Evelyn's side during naps and bedtime only.

He was preceeded in death by his other 2 friends, Mrs. Doodle and Doodle Jr. within the month. Evelyn would place Mrs. and Jr. on her eyes, while Mr. Doodle was be the lucky on to get sucked on. Some believe he died from a broken heart from the passing of Mrs. and Jr - but I say it was Evelyn's teeth that tore him apart.

Services were held in Evelyn's crib as she cried for hours on end about his passing. I can still hear her now, screaming his name - "Doodle, Doodle, please come back."

His family requests, that in lieu of flowers, everyone should please make a donation to Evelyn's Orthodontic Fund, set up for the future of Evelyn's teeth.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dr. Bull...paging Dr. Bull

How stinkin' cute?!?! I got this when we were back in PA a few weeks ago. The Please Touch Museum is now located about a mile from Patrick's medical school, so I stopped in to see a friend and also to check out the book store for any gifts for the kids that had PCOM on it. How perfect was this find - the last pair of kids scrubs on clearance...and exactly Gavin's size!!!

Pardon the scabs/scrapes on his face...he biffed it at the zoo earlier this week and got a nasty abrasion from his chin to his forehead...mostly just on his nose now. I think it makes him look tough!

Fliptastic Easter Party

Tonight we joined the Christensens and the Youngs at the Fliptastic Easter party. This is Evie's gymnastics place so she was so excited (too excited) when we got there. Gavin was also thrilled that he got to come along, because he stays at home when she is in class. They had a cute Easter egg hunt in the little gym room (where Evie takes class) and then the main gym had lots of other fun games and face painting and of course, lots of candy! We were lucky enough to be near the front of the line for the Easter egg hunt and the kids got to go in together and each find 5 eggs. McKenna helped Evie find some of hers and then we all went and played games. The hard part for me was making sure the kids didn't sneak a piece when I wasn't looking since there were lots of candy with eggs and/or peanuts!!! But we succeeded (after many lollipops and tootsie rolls)! The kids were on a massive sugar high - so we left after about an hour. It was really fun - but I wish Patrick was there to enjoy it too (but he is taking an extra moonlighting shift and making money - so I'll show him the pics :-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gymnastics update

Tonight went much better than the first two sessions. Hopefully she has turned the corner and we will not get kicked out!


We signed Evie up for some gymnastics classes at Fliptastic, a local gym. She is so excited to go each time (we have only been 2x so far) and looks so darn cute in her leotard. But...she gets a little too excited! She never wants to sit and stretch (which is required before they start) and she freaks out when they have to sit and receive instructions. She is pretty disruptive (even if she is only 2 1/2 years old). We have received a gentle warning about her screaming and crying...and I have a funny feeling she will be the 1st to be asked to leave! But until then - I love watching her actually do the gymnastics part! She is so flippin' cute!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


"Dad, you look like a gorilla. When I grow up to be a dad, will I have hair on my face, and legs, and back like you?"