Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Storm and Playgroup Party

Last night we got a wicked icing across all the roads and surfaces - just in time for our annual Holiday Party for the kids. Lucky for me, the party was just across the street at Angie's - but nonetheless, I still had a difficult time getting both kids over there. First, our deck and driveway were both slick with ice so neither was a good way out of the house. We chose the driveway and seriously just slid on our feet to the grass. Then I had to take Evie across while Gavin waited, come back for him, come back for the food - it was crazy! It makes you truly appreciate what a beast Mother Nature can be.

Once we were there I am glad to report that everyone else made it safely. One family had to back out because of a delayed start for school, and another family still had a sick kiddo - but otherwise everyone showed up who was involved with the pollyanna. ***Side bar - I found out last year that the word "pollyanna" is a made up Philly term (The word "pollyanna" may also denote a holiday gift exchange more typically known as Secret Santa. This term is used in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. It can instead mean a gift exchange rotation in which several families each give gifts to one other family in the "pollyanna" each year. This is often done when siblings in a large family begin to have children of their own. - wikipedia) I was devestated when I found that out*** Anyway, we all brought food, the kids did great waiting until everyone had their present to open at the same time, and everyone played nicely! Another great tradition here in Columbus!!!! Check out for all the pics!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ornament Exchange

Every year a bunch of the girls here do an ornament exchange party. Nancy Reed usually hosts, but she just had a little baby boy - so we had it at Heidi Kovack's house instead. Mary Elliott was in charge of the games/prizes and everyone chipped in and made/brought goodies to eat and drink. There were 10 of us there this year and it was a great time as usual. I am not sure what is so alluring about this annual event, but to many of it, it is one of the most anticipates of the year. There is something about sharing a tradition with these ladies during this time of our lives, talking about favorite memories from home, creating new memories to last. We always play some Christmas themed games...this year was a christmas carole quiz and christmas carole pictionary. I also introduced the "Hide the Pickle" game. My mom started this with us a few years ago - where she hides a pickle-like ornament (it blends in with the tree because of the color) and the first to find it wins a special prize. Mom always has GOOD prizes - so it makes it even more fun...but the competition is fun too! I got some Roche Chocolates (yummy)! But - this game works better on a real tree - and Heidi's was fake - but it was still fun! Nancy won (after a minute or two of searching) and I think some of the girls may start the tradition in their own homes!!! After the games, we go in a circle and talk about favorite holiday memories or traditions and things we are grateful for this time of year. Some get weepy, others laugh - but mostly it helps us feel a little closer to home even when we are far away. I love this event - and I hope it continues here (and wherever I may go) for a long time to come!