Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ornament Exchange

Every year a bunch of the girls here do an ornament exchange party. Nancy Reed usually hosts, but she just had a little baby boy - so we had it at Heidi Kovack's house instead. Mary Elliott was in charge of the games/prizes and everyone chipped in and made/brought goodies to eat and drink. There were 10 of us there this year and it was a great time as usual. I am not sure what is so alluring about this annual event, but to many of it, it is one of the most anticipates of the year. There is something about sharing a tradition with these ladies during this time of our lives, talking about favorite memories from home, creating new memories to last. We always play some Christmas themed games...this year was a christmas carole quiz and christmas carole pictionary. I also introduced the "Hide the Pickle" game. My mom started this with us a few years ago - where she hides a pickle-like ornament (it blends in with the tree because of the color) and the first to find it wins a special prize. Mom always has GOOD prizes - so it makes it even more fun...but the competition is fun too! I got some Roche Chocolates (yummy)! But - this game works better on a real tree - and Heidi's was fake - but it was still fun! Nancy won (after a minute or two of searching) and I think some of the girls may start the tradition in their own homes!!! After the games, we go in a circle and talk about favorite holiday memories or traditions and things we are grateful for this time of year. Some get weepy, others laugh - but mostly it helps us feel a little closer to home even when we are far away. I love this event - and I hope it continues here (and wherever I may go) for a long time to come!

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