Saturday, June 23, 2007

Skipping a few weeks!

Ok - so I am not very good a backdating entries so I will just start continuing my blog from here and get caught up to date. We are bummed because Patrick's dad just left after being here for almost a week. I know we just saw them in PA, but he came here to help build our new deck and I think it was just the thing both he and Patrick needed! I don't think PopPop even thought about his crazy work stuff once!!! And Patrick is on a very easy/light rotation so he was home a lot. They would work until there was no light left - or no energy left in their bodies. It was such a true male bonding experience for them. I know it was exactly what Patrick was hoping for. He even stayed an extra day...although there is still a ton of work left to do. Patrick still has one more week before he starts Children's (which will leave him NO time to do anything) so he will be working non-stop when he is at the house! I will post some pics of the two of them working.

The kids and I stayed busy and out of the men's hair as much as possible. It's always crazy in the summer anyway but we tried extra hard to get out and do things so Gavin wouldn't want to "help". We had playgroup, went fishing, went shopping, went out to lunch. One of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) days was on Thursday when we met the Napoleon's at their country club pool.

When we got there we ordered lunch right away and chilled out and caught up a bit. Then we ventured into the 1 ft. baby pool where Gavin was content playing with these little trucks he found. But the girls, Gia and Carina, were getting bored there so we stepped it up to the 3 ft section of the pool. Carina was sweet enough to let Gavin borrow her arm swimmies but Gavin still just hung around the steps. Around 2 o'clock, I had to feed Evelyn (who LOVED the water) and she just passed out so I put her in her stroller which was under the shade right near us and let her sleep while I went back to join everyone. By this time the girls got Gavin to wonder to the 4-5 ft section by letting him grip the side of the wall the whole time. Carina was learning how to jump in so she would jump from the side into her mom's arms. Gavin saw this and started sitting on the edge and going "1-2-3 jump" and sliding in to me. Then he would get comfortable doing that and he would kneel and do it, until he was eventually basically running and jumping in full speed at me, dunking under the water, coming up and reaching/swimming to the ladder to get out and do it again. We did that for almost an hour and a half! I told Amy Napoleon that it was one of those moments I know I will remember for the rest of my life. It was exactly like I thought I would feel - so proud that he was so brave and just a kid having so much fun!!! He slept for over 13 1/2 hours until we woke him up the next morning! It was fun!

Thursday night I got to get out alone and go to the spouse group. We were making tons of cards for Mary to sell and it was so much fun. We stayed for almost 3 hours!!! And made tons of cards! I hope she makes a lot of money from them!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a trip - Day 6

Monday, May 28th - Today is Memorial Day. We had a nice morning with MomMom and PopPop and then headed to TishyMom and Kiki's house. We chilled out for a bit once we got there...getting used to new surroundings and getting used to each other again. We headed to Target for some much needed baby supplies and some other necessities and then back to Tishy's house. This was a basic transition day which flew by with not much done.

What a trip - Day 5

Sunday, May 27th - Today we went to breakfast with MomMom and PopPop at our favorite place in that area - King Street Grille. It is always so good, and reminded me of when Patrick and I would go there every weekend (or everyday when I was post-due with Gavin). They would get so nervous seeing me so big, but loved the business. A 42 week pregnant lady is sure to eat a lot! The kids did surprisingly well so it was very enjoyable. After that we went home and got ready for Tori's big birthday party. It was a 90+ degree day and the party was outside so we made sure to dress the kids appropriately. Luckily, they had a pool, sprinkler and slip and slide to keep everyone cool.