Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PA trip and Cedar Point

So I told my neighbor, Christa, I was only going to blog the good points of this trip - since there were so many awful ones I could talk Evelyn knocking her 2 front teeth almost out (they may have to get pulled - but probably/hopefully not), not once - but Gavin almost got struck by lightning in the lake and now has an absurdly crazy fear of storms like his the hotel we stayed in was less than 1 star and had mold on the ceilings and crack druggies checking in...or how Evelyn learned how to crawl out of her pack and play so we got little to no sleep at night or during naps and how that made Patrick have to stay with her and miss my cousins wedding.

No. I am choosing the high road and will talk about the fun points. Like seeing my family at the wedding, dancing like crazy while rocking a side ponytail, visiting my 95 year old Great Aunt Emmaline who taught me how to play bingo, seeing our friends from Italy and spending time with them, watching Gavin go on his first real roller coaster, enjoying watching Patrick teach Gavin to raise his arms above his head while on said roller coaster, having Gavin volunteer to be a karaoke singer with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang while dancing on stage in front of a large audience. These are the things I chose to share with you. So in true blogging are the pictures to accompany such stories...

The Why Family at my Cousin Jay's wedding...

Gavin singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - press Play!

Dancing With Snoopy and Charlie Brown and Gang

Snoopy Hugs

Italy Family - Katia, Antonella, Davide, Danielo

Patrick and Gavin lifting their arms on the big roller coaster - they are in the back row

Gavin and Daddy on the Matterhorn ride

Mommy's only ride she would go on - the Ferris Wheel which still scared the poop out of me!