Saturday, January 30, 2010

crazy week

I haven't posted in a while because this week has been crazy. And not the crazy I am used to :-) We started getting emails about our upcoming air force assignment so that has put us into a tizzy so to say. More options have opened up for us (overseas now) so we have to re-think our previous rankings. The latest includes an option in Tokyo. That's right folks, Japan. How fricken' cool/scary would that be?!?!?!?!!!? I am pretty sure we still won't know for sure for a few weeks/months - but the fact that we are getting communication is great. So, this week I have been researching more bases, housing, schools, etc. This planner really just wants to know what is going to happen!!!! I want to buy furniture and bedding and fixtures - but, have to wait. Oh well. I guess my normal retail therapy with clothes will have to do for now :-)