Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Zoo addendum...

The gorilla pictures in the photo with Evelyn (in the previous post) and in the picture here with the boys is now the oldest gorilla in captivity. SHE is 51 years old (I assumed it was a he - oops). The previous oldest was just euthanized in Texas for an inoperable stomach tumor. No wonder she was so cranky - she is just old!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The main reasons I love back to school...

#1. Gavin gets to participate in many new cool activities such as water day at his school. They played in sprinklers, pools, water tables, bubbles, shaving cream and lots more.

#2. The zoo is totally empty and the animals are WILD! We joined the Welshes on Thursday morning and spent the entire time (only 2 hours because of school) at 2 exhibits - the monkeys and the penguins. The penguins would chase Gavin's finger around and were swimming like crazy and jumping and flipping around. The monkeys - well, the big ones especially, were rowdy! They silver back gorilla was beating his chest and kicking the glass. I don't think he liked us there. But the bonobos were slapping high fives as well as some other apes!!! Very cool!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At the Shore - Cape May 2008

Jay and Michelle at Sunset

Babe was "that guy" checking his fantasy football draft at the wedding

The med school gang - Drs. Mark Gardner, Tim Harrison, Jay Litsky, Anita and Dan Pascucci and Babe.

The jewish portion...

This was honestly one of the best vacations we have ever taken. My sister, Anna, even yelled at me and said she didn't like when I was on vacation because I never call her like I normally do! That's because I was relaxing and spending all my time with friends and my family. I feel bad because I didn't even know McCain chose a female Veep or that there was a Hurricane in NO again.

The house we rented was big and perfect for our group (aside from the bugs). Patrick and I had a bedroom that shared a bath with our kids room - so we could sneak in and out when others were still 'trying' to sleep. There were 2 living areas, a huge kitchen table, etc. There was a great side yard for some corn hole action and outside showers for after a long day at the beach.

The weather was PERFECT for most of the days we were there. We had 4 beach days, a day at the Cape May Zoo (the guys golfed), a day at the boardwalk and arcades, a girls spa day, and the wedding day. Our nights were spent talking, drinking, playing games and watching the Phillies. Patrick and I went with one of the other couples (the Gardners) to a fantastic dinner (thanks to the Pascuccis who stayed back with the kids) at 410 Bank Street, a highly recommended restaurant. The food was a French/Caribbean fusion and just about the best food we have had in YEARS! Most nights we were up until well past midnight and we woke up well before 7 most mornings. Let's just say we are still recovering from lack of sleep!!!

The beach days were perfect too. We would get up, make breakfast or go to the cafe or bakery next to us down the street, and get to the beach around 11 or 11:30. By the time we would set up and run around a bit, it was time for lunch (which I usually packed for everyone). The kids would eat and Evie would literally lay down in the portable beach pack-n-play and sleep for 3 hours. It was great to not have to chase her and play with Gavin! It gave the G-man some quality time with us! The waves were very strong and dangerous and we even saw a few rescues the first day we were there because the undertow was so bad. Luckily Gavin just liked the edge - so no wave jumping this time! There were dolphins every day around 3pm and great body surfing for the dads. When Evelyn would wake up we would play for 1/2 hour or so and then pack up and get back to the house. I would bathe all the little kids and then we would be ready for dinner. 8pm bedtime - so we had the rest of the evening for fun!

Dinner usually ended up being BBQ. My best friend (Eileen) met us at the zoo with her son Eddie and made us a turkey tettrazini that everyone LOVED! Especially the kids! We also had pizza one night - but like I said, mostly BBQ. There was a deli across the street from us that had a mini-mart so we got all of our food there - never made it to the grocery store! It was great!

The guys went fishing on Thursday morning and I begged them to take me on Friday. Babe stayed with the kids so I could go. I caught a sand shark - and almost had a flounder but it got away as I was pulling it up. I LOVE fishing. Most people don't know that.

And of course, the whole reason we were there, was for Jay and Michelle's wedding. It was supposed to rain but missed us and was sunny and HOT! But the place was gorgeous, as well was the bride and groom. It was very romantic and we all had fun. Until Patrick finished his zillionth gin and tonic...I don't think he felt the fun then! :-)

We were so sad to leave - but had an amazing time with Mark, Amy, Abby, Dan, Anita, Laila, Tim, Eddee, Jay and Michelle (and Eileen and Eddie briefly). We can't wait for Halloween when we can all get together again for Tim and Eddee's wedding!

***On a freaky side note - Patrick took Gavin to a playground next to our house. While there, two boys came and started playing with him. The dad came over and started talking to Patrick...with a Buckeyes hat on! The family lives in Hilliard!!! He plays soccer with our friends and has played against Patrick. His wife in a recovery room nurse within OhioHealth! And their boys were turning 3 and 5 - Gavin was just in between both of them!!! We ran into them on the beach 3 days and at the park some we figured we must be meant to be friends! We exchanged #s and will get together now that we are back in OH!!

It's like a movie with Dancing and Wolves...Cranium night!!!

Breakfast at the cool cafe right next door to us!

Dinner at 410 Bank Street

Fishin' with the guys "Kicking Bass and Taking Names" as Mark's shirt reads

Burying Gavin in the sand

Abby and Gavin - with their hot sand bodies...they were there for almost an hour and loved it!

All of us on the beach :-)

Synchronized body surfing

Mark finally caught a good wave!

Evelyn was super lovey to Daddy all week - here she is kissing him for no reason!

Our super cute family!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're back!

We're back, we're tired and we're fat. I will post more about vacation later. On another note, Gavin started school today. Here is a picture of him outside his school, with his friend McKenna and with Daddy! He loved it and his teacher called me to let me know that he had a great first day. We are assigned to bring snacks tomorrow so Gavin gets to be the "Bee of the Day".