Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Today is Gavin's best bud's, Nathan, 4th birthday. Since they celebrated with family last night, they were not doing too much today so we asked if we could take Nathan bowling. His mom (Ashli) and her MIL came too and we had so much fun. I did not know what to expect from the boys but they were on great behavior and very excited about the whole thing! Ashli was kind enough to take pics and video and sent them to me. This video is of Gavin in the very beginning of the day. His roll was so slow it did not even register the pins that got knocked down!!! (I posted a video Ashli took - excuse my butt crack - but listen to Gavin and Nathan cheering "Go, Ball, Go!" and you can see how long it takes the ball to get down the lane! About 30 seconds) So cute! They didn't care about score - the boys just liked seeing the pins get knocked down. Eventually, Ashli remembered that there was a "ramp" that kids could use to help speed up their ball. Once we started using that - the kids did so much better and the game went much faster! We had to leave in the 7th frame of the last game (Gavin had a hair appointment) but we still had soooooooooo much fun! Thanks guys for such a fun day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year Valentine's Day was very fun for us! Usually it is low key - but this year we went to the playgroup party on Wednesday and Patrick and I went to dinner and a movie on Thursday! The playgroup party was at Becca's house and I am going to post some pics. The kids had so much fun and were crazy from the sugar - but as we all know...when you have a sugar rush - you have a sugar plummet too! Check them ALL out on the couch in a sugar coma.

Patrick and I haven't really done much since med school (pre-kids). So it was nice to get a babysitter and go out. We saw Jumper - which was pretty good. More nice to go out together, hold hands, and pretend to be a "normal couple" who does this all the time. I don't mind that we don't do it too much because it makes the dates more special when we do go out! Plus, V-day was the day Patrick made the 1st move in taking our friendship further by leaving a rose on my car at the KOP shopping mall. We met for a "lunch work date" and he gave me a generic card (to trick me). I was kind of peeved that he didn't make a move but then when I left and went to my car, he left a rose and a heartfelt letter that made me knew he was going to be the one! Who would have thought that 7 years from that date we would have 2 kids and a mortgage!!! I love him, our kids and our life together so much! This year he surprised me with my favorite cupcakes (from cake creations) and another love letter. He is so great!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tonight I was on the phone with Eileen when Patrick and I noticed Gavin was EXTREMELY still at the dinner table. We were pre-occupied (I was on the phone and Pat was getting ready for soccer) so it was really just the kids by themselves eating. We walked around and saw Gavin was totally asleep in the midst of eating. Patrick had to grab the video recorder to capture how funny!

PS - This is my first video posted on here so I hope it goes okay!

Our climber and our nudist

SO Evelyn is into climbing nowadays. Into and on everything. Here are some cute pictures - just from today - of her climbing! They include Patrick's sock drawer, her storage seat and our clothes hamper. She is too cute! Sorry the pics are grainy - they are from my phone.

We also have a nudist on our hands (no pics due to content :-). Gavin refuses to put anything on after his bath and asks for his "naked time". This ritual always begins with his naked dance and him screaming "I AH NAKED!" That is not a misspell - he says I a (sounds like aahhhh) naked. If anyone remembers my little sister Kaitlin, she too was a frequent nudist (although she gets mad at me now for saying it) - but was so cool about it. Just chillin' on the couch under some blankets, eating ice cream and watching tv - nude. Honestly - she is my idol!!! And apparently - Gavin's too!