Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our climber and our nudist

SO Evelyn is into climbing nowadays. Into and on everything. Here are some cute pictures - just from today - of her climbing! They include Patrick's sock drawer, her storage seat and our clothes hamper. She is too cute! Sorry the pics are grainy - they are from my phone.

We also have a nudist on our hands (no pics due to content :-). Gavin refuses to put anything on after his bath and asks for his "naked time". This ritual always begins with his naked dance and him screaming "I AH NAKED!" That is not a misspell - he says I a (sounds like aahhhh) naked. If anyone remembers my little sister Kaitlin, she too was a frequent nudist (although she gets mad at me now for saying it) - but was so cool about it. Just chillin' on the couch under some blankets, eating ice cream and watching tv - nude. Honestly - she is my idol!!! And apparently - Gavin's too!

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