Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I can't write long as I am in between Christmases (4 of them due to inlaws, daddy working and coming home today, sisters and divorces). So far so good - although I did have to take Santa's gift away since Gavin wouldn't even look at anything else. So for the sake of opening gifts and getting on with our day - the train carnival had to be put in time out... but I think it was for the greater good!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Party


Well...it was a hit! The holiday party that I was planning for the Advocates (Spouse) Support Group was on Thursday and was quite a success, even after about a DOZEN last minute cancellations. One of those cancellations happened to be my own husband - so I know that most everyone had really good excuses. He had a huge grand round presentation that he just couldn't finish in time. So he had to bail. He thought I was going to divorce him, but of any group of people at a party, I knew I wouldn't have to explain why he wasn't there. Just say Ground Rounds...and people get it. I was a bit bummed about other people that couldn't come, as I knew how great it was going to be and really wanted them to enjoy it too. The wives work all year trying to support the hubby doctors, and we really needed a nice night to ourselves.

It was at a nice country club and we had butlered hors d'oeuvres, a delicious dinner, OPEN BAR, and desserts. The food was great and the staff was super friendly. Thank you Made-From-Scratch Events! It was a delight to work with you!

I really want to thank some of my friends who knew how important this was to me and supported me through it all! To my friends who watched my kids while I got my hair done, helped me set up, came 9 months pregnant, came without their husbands or brought husbands even if they didn't feel well...it truly means a lot to me! You girls rock!!!

Here are some fun pics! I think everyone had a good time - and it was nice to see people out of "mommy" clothes!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

playgroup christmas party

Today was our annual playgroup Christmas Party. Unfortunately, Evelyn is really sick so I dropped Gavin off (along with our presents, food, etc) and ran some errands with Evie so she wasn't around the other kids too much. She was actually doing much better this morning since her fever broke, but I didn't want her to come in contact with the other kiddos. So I dropped Gavin off, ran errands and swung back around to pick him up. When I got back, they still hadn't opened gifts or anything so I brought Evie in and strapped her to a feeding chair so she wouldn't play/touch other kids.

Luckily, I did get some cute shots of the kids opening gifts. It was a great day - but Gavin was acting very aggressive. He gets that way in large groups. Alpha Male Syndrome I guess. Anyway, it was so cute to see the kids exchange and open gifts - I can't wait for Christmas morning!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ornament Exchange Party

This week has been so hectic - yet I feel like nothing was done. But this morning I got to attend the Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange Party held by Nancy Reed. Patrick is working (again) and my sitter was not available so I left the kids with Ashli's hubby, Ian. Much thanks!!!

The kids and I ran errands in the morning before the party and mid-way through it started snowing. Hard! It came down fast and by the time we got to Nancy's, the roads were pretty yucky. But the snow made for an even more festive feel to the party, which was a nice bonus.

Everyone brought some food or drink so we socialized at first, ate some, then sat down for fun. Nancy always does a great job at making up Christmas related games, so this time we played Reindeer vs Snowmen Family Feud. It was a great time as always! We then followed it up with the pink elephant style exchange. The ornament I bought was a large ball with a bell in it (like from the movie The Polar Express). Gavin picked it out since it reminded him of that movie. I ended up with a really cute "joy" ornament that has a crystal in the o. It totally matched our decor...so that worked out well!

I spent the rest of the day finishing up Christmas cards and baking cookies. Laundry, cleaning... typical stuff to do when Daddy is on call. I just got done checking my emails and got an update from my girlfriend, Melanie in Charleston. Her baby girl (almost 4 y/o) just underwent kidney surgery on Wednesday and is starting to make positive progress. She is off the ventilator and asking for food. Her husband donated his kidney to her, so my girlfriend had to watch 2 of the most important people in her life get wheeled to the OR. Please pray for her strength, for her daughter's recovery and her husband's health as he is now at home recuperating.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Super Fun Playgroup

Today playgroup was at my house. We were making up for last week when it snowed so much - and created cards to give to an assistance living home. Ashli did a great job preparing everything and we made super cute cards - one with handprints that turned into Santa, and another with thumbprints that were reindeer. Most of the kids cooperated very well - and some were with the occasional painted hand in mom's face.

We had a large turnout which is great, but unfortunately my house is super small so it got HOT and crowded!!! But the kids all seemed to have a blast, plus it was the first time in a while that the moms sat, drank coffee or water, and talked since the kids were in viewing range at almost all times. Some of the older kids (Gavin's age is now considered older kids - aahhhh!) played in the basement and had fun trashing that area too! At the end we drew names for our gift exchange next week at our kiddie holiday party! Can you believe the holidays aer here?!?!?!!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh again!

I had a great time and hope everyone else did. One of my girlfriends even stayed late and just hung out with me while Evie slept and Gavin and her son Bryce played...I love girlfriend chat time!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Making BooBoo

For those stampers out there...check this dumb a** move out. I made a sample christmas card. I decided on a pocket card with insert. I got the exact measurements needed. I wrote them down. I cut and scored the pocket, cut the outer color card stock insert, cut inner white insert, mono-adhesived them together, hole punched and put brads in the pocket card. Hole punched and put a brad in for the inner card. I got our family christmas picture taken (thanks Becca) and I got the pictures printed out and cut them to fit on the back of my card. I mono'ed them down. Many, many hours of work put into these...

SO I am almost done and I go to show them off to Patrick, hoping he will be thrilled with my abilities. The fricken' insert is 1/4 inch too wide. But if I trim them, the outer edge of the colored card stock gets cut off. And then my picture also is a bit mis-shapened. I suck. :-(

Friday, December 7, 2007

Allergy Update

For those of you asking about Gavin's allergist appointment yesterday...

We are thrilled that he does not show any more signs of peanut (or ANY nut) allergy anymore! He mostly just has seasonal allergies (as do we all) and allergies to cats and dust. But the Doctor is still amazed at how SEVERELY allergic he is to eggs. He says since he began practicing in 1969 (yes, he is an old doc), he has never seen a case so bad like Gavin's that he can't eat things that are baked with egg (as baking is supposed to kill the allergen in egg) or even get tested for egg in the office as he totally breaks out and needs treatment immediately following the test. He says he thinks he will have his first infant patient to NOT outgrow the allergy by the time he is 5. We will wait until he is 5-6 y/o and get a blood test to show if he will have it probably his whole life or if he will outgrown it. But until then, still nothing with eggs for the G-man. :-( I guess mommy will have to eat all his Christmas cookies....

Santa Santa HoHoHo

So we did our annual trip to the mall to visit Santa today. We've been meaning to do it for a while now and Gavin was set on going TODAY. Even though it snowed 4 inches on Wed and another inch or two last night, we ventured out along with the Welshes to Tuttle Mall to visit the Jolly Old Fat Man.

Once we got there, we noticed a store that said "Christmas Train". We thought it was just some model trains or something but it turned out to be this cool ride on thing. The boys were ecstatic and they got to ride it! It was a good bribe too because we promised if the boys were good, we would come back before we left. Let's just say Gavin did NOT see round two on that thing! He actually wasn't too bad at all - but when we did go back there was a choir singing, so we got to say the train was napping, and he let it go at that (after a promise to play with our own trains at home).

Overall, Gavin was so excited to see Santa, but got a bit shy when we actually go there. When we were in line (like one or two back), Santa was in between kids and looked directly at Gavin, smiled and waved. It was the coolest thing to him! He kept saying, "Santa said hi to me!" When we got up to him, Gavin opted to ride on the little reindeer instead of sitting on Santa's lap - but still gave him a hug. Evie was tired and cranky and just didn't care much to get her picture taken...but it still was cute. Another typical, one kid smiling, one looking away, picture. But that is what is so great about mall pictures. You know that's what you are gonna get!

We did get stopped many times by people admiring Gavin in his tie! He pulled it off just right, looking suave and cool. What a stud!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Starry Night

Saturday (12/1) was our friend Bryce's birthday party as well as our annual Christmas Tree Picking Day. The party was way fun - although Gavin fell asleep for a bit in the car and was cranky while we were there. But they have a kick a** play room so Gavin spent most time in there. Cathy made these cute cupcakes but placed them in ice cream cones - so they were a hit too! Even Evelyn enjoyed some!

After the party we went to the place we went to last year to get our tree. It was the same nice guys again and we fell in love with a tree after a little searching. It was another perfect tree and only cost $40!!! We got home and set it up to let the branches fall before we decorated it on Sunday.

Gavin was so excited for our tree (and decorating it) and really, really wanted to help put the star on top. In the pictures you will see him half dressed as we are in full-on potty training mode again and trying the no pants thing to "catch" him as he is doing it (more on that later).... Anyway, Daddy got a break from his call shift and came home to help. He strung the lights while I put on the ornaments and Gavin was lifted to the top to place the star on the top of the tree. He is still talking about how he did it, and how happy he was that he got to "put the star up the tree". The kids both love waking up and coming down to see only the tree lit and they just lay under it and stare up. I get teary eyed watching the magic and spirit inside them!

Back to the potty training thing...so far Gavin has managed to poop on our floor 3 times, pee on a pillow and also on a dining room chair. But each day is getting better and today he came over to me as he was just about to poop - I ran him up stairs to the potty but he just couldn't hold it anymore and let it go on the hall floor. Thank goodness they are hard little turds that are easy to clean up!!! Sorry for the TMI. But we are trying this for a week. No going out. No gym. No store. Maybe playgroup - but that will be it. It is nice to lay around all day in PJs. But I'll be very happy once this is done!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

And the winner is...

My favorite picture from our trip home - Gavin having too much fun with his Godmother, Annanna (Aunt Anna - or Auntie Anna) and her havin too much fun back!

Evelyn's Thanksgiving

A funny sequence of a 1 year olds' Thanksgiving dinner...


Sorry for the delay in posts - but you know how it goes when you get back from vacation. I am STILL doing laundry (we got back wednesday night and it is now saturday night), but am on my last load. Here is a brief rundown of our vacation:

PA: We had so much fun seeing everyone as usual. I went to my friend Anita's baby shower, had dinner with my girls from D Phi E, saw my besty Eileen and her family, had a dentist appointment, waxing, lunch with Dad, PopPopPop and Kiki (and cousin Jay), hung out with mom and Kaitlin, had Turkey day with Mom, Wil and Kiki, then saw Dad and Beth for drinks, then to the Bulls (plus the McKennas) for dessert. Very fun-filled day of family and food! Then I met up with a long-time friend (Dawn Rogalinski) on Black Friday to see her baby girl and went shopping at the new outlets near mom's house. Overall, a very packed - but enjoyable week.

FL: On Sat, Patrick and I met up in Orlando and flew the last leg together to Ft Myers. We arrived around 8 at night to our resort (a gorgeous place called South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island), unpacked and went to get something to eat. Luckily, we ran into the bride-to-be and groom at dinner so we got to hang out and meet everyone before the big day on Sunday. We slept in UNTIL 9 the next morning and casually grabbed a bite to eat. Again, good timing because we sat next to the couple and her parents, and also ran into some other friends to have breakfast with. Then the guys went golfing, I laid out (got a little sun burned) , and I got a $94 pedicure (don't ask!!!!) and then time for the wedding. It was the most picturesque beach wedding imaginable. Dolphins swimming and diving behind them at a cove overlooking a gulf coast setting sun. Perfect temperature. Just gorgeous. A full moon topped the evening off - making it look like a scene out of the Love Boat - with the reflection off of the water acting like a spotlight on the wedding goers. The only downside...chiggers. Google it if you don't know what they are. I am still suffering from them!!!! It was much more tame than we expected from an off-the-boat Greek family and Long Island Italian family. But still very fun. We slept in until 9 again on Monday!!! And then did NOTHING! Ate breakfast with friends again, laid out at a cabana, played Boggle, ate lunch, took a 2 hour nap, then said goodbye to most of the family and we got to spend Monday night having dinner with the bride and groom before they left on Tuesday for the Keys and their honeymoon. It was so nice to catch up and get to know Shannon (the bride) whom we never met before. She was so great and I am so happy for Johnny! We got to sleep in also on Tuesday and check out slowly. We had breakfast on the next Island (Sanibel Island) and dropped off our car and caught our planes. Very drama free! Overall, a perfect chance for Patrick and I to catch up on some sleep, spend time alone (and with friends) and fall in love even more with each other. Even today I keep smiling thinking about how good he looked in his tux or how we slow danced at the wedding. It was a great romantic surge for us - in a MUCH NEEDED TIME!!!

Now we are back, Patrick celebrated his 34th birthday, has been on call twice already and we still have so much to do before the holidays! YIKES!

Today is, however, our annual Christmas Tree Shopping Day. The first Saturday in December we go to pick out our tree. Last year we found a great place and swung by today and found another perfect tree. We are letting it sit and drop before we decorate - but I will make sure to have a post about that!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

At Tishy Moms house!

The kids and I loaded up the car on Friday and headed back to PA for Thanksgiving week. Patrick is on Q2 (every other night on call) so we decided to come out here to let family see the kids and then Patrick and I are going to Florida for 4 days (ALONE) so the grandparents will take turns watching them also.

The car ride back was fine - except for the speeding ticket I got. Too bad we weren't closer to Columbus where I could use the physician/husband card, but whatever. It was a bogus ticket - but I defintely speed so I am deserving of one (even if it wasn't this time). I was in the middle lane and a cop was in the right shoulder up ahead, so a big truck cut me off (he moved from the right lane to the middle lane in front of me). So I moved over to the left lane but a car was flying up my butt so I had to speed up to get around the truck - and that is when the cop caught me. Oh well. $130 down the drain. Other than that it was a perfect trip - kids were great, no construction, etc.

I got to go to a good friends' baby shower, spend time at the best mall in the world and see some long missed girlfriends for dinner and it has only been 3 days! I am glad I came! The kids are loving it too - because anyone who knows my mom, knows that she spoils the crap out of them (actually out of everyone). So they are having fun. I am really trying to keep a strict schedule for naps/sleep since TishyMom always seems to convince me to let them stay up late - but this time she is being good and following my requests.

I can't wait to see Patrick again and spend some time with him. I hope he is able to relax and have fun! This Q2 is killing him! I'll post some pics when I can...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Self Inflicted Frenulumectomy

Ok - I know that is a weird title for this blog but once you read it - you'll understand. Thins morning Evie was walking towards me in the bathroom when she started to teeter. She fell in a downward dog position (on hands and feet) but then continued to topple. Her arms got pinned underneath her and her head smashed right into our tile bathroom floor. It didn't look like a big deal so I was like "You're ok, You're ok". But then when she started to cry, large amounts of blood started flowing from her mouth. So now I am screaming, "Oh, Sh*t!". I grab her to try to figure out what is wrong but she is obviously not letting me - plus there is too much blood to see much. I take her downstairs, page Patrick and try to get her to suck some ice or a teething ring, etc to keep the swelling down. She settled down quickly but I could still not see much in there. Her teeth were not knocked out but there was a bloody clump of tissue/gum/yuck that was jammed between her teeth. I didn't know if it was serious or not so I called my friend's Pediatric Dentist and got an appointment right away!

Turns out Evelyn tore her frenulum - that stringy tissue thing that attaches at your gum lin and you lips. Hers was down further than most people and would have probably need a frenulumectomy anyway soon to avoid a gap in her teeth. So the dentist said she saved us money and just did it herself!!! The dentist (Dr. JoJo - who was great - thanks Leah for the recommendation) scraped away the gunk and made her tear a clean cut. She is still able to eat and drink - but is a little sore. Her pacifier was in - so that probably saved her teeth. Who would've thought that a pacifier would be good for their teeth one day?

On another bummer note - Gavin was at the doctors a bunch yesterday because he came down with bronchiolitis and needed breathing treatments as he was gasping for breaths. He is much better now - but we are ready to be injury and sick free!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honoring a namesake

Today we are honoring Evelyn's namesake - my Grammy Eve. Today is her birthday and on this day I decided to celebrate her by making the foods that she loved to make. So this morning I made some pancakes (from scratch) although I could NEVER repeat her famous syrup recipe (brown sugar, sugar and water heated up). I try and try but it does not come out right. So we just used store bought syrup. I also plan on making her famous sugar cookies - which were always in abundant supply whenever we stayed at her house. There are certain things that will always remind me of her, and I plan on sharing them with my children as well. I am grateful that Gavin got to know her a little bit - and he looks at her pictures every night (because they are in a Disney album in his room) and remembers that's Grammy Eve. She thought the world of all of her children, grandchildren and especially great-grandchildren. So every year I vow to keep her memory alive by making her famous foods so my children will get a chance to remember her just like I do!

Frame Workshop

Yesterday I held a workshop to learn how to make cute holiday (or any) picture frames. I had about 10 participants and two other demonstrators helping. Thanks so much to Ashli Welsh (for helping, donating her time and resources, and most of all for watching my kids) and Ashli Coburn for helping teach as well as lending her condo clubhouse to host the workshop!

It was great to see everyone's uniqueness and creativity come out in doing these. But I was most excited about the results of everyone's frames. I didn't teach much - but everyone picked up the techniques pretty easily. There were some veterans as well as new comers but overall I think the frames came out great! We had a few bubbled up paper, a few sanding mishaps, but most were fixable and turned out some great looking frames! Here are some of the results!

Also - if anyone is looking to purchase some of the designer paper (used in the frames) they are on sale - buy three packs, get one free!! Let me know if you are interested in purchasing!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Gavin is getting much better at sharing with Evelyn! Even without being prompted. Yesterday we stayed in because Mommy wasn't feeling so good - and we spent some time in the basement with the cool toys. Here are some pictures of Gavin and Evelyn playing and sharing nicely. That's what Mommy wants to see!

Also, Evelyn is pretty much walking all the time. She still falls and will crawl around - but given the choice - she is choosing walking. That also means lots of bruises and crying from falling - but it is still so cute!

Monday, November 5, 2007


So as I read all my friends blogs and/or talk to them this week - I realize it is that time of year when everyone, especially children, get sick! So many people had that stomach thing and had to clean up after their kids for days on end. So many people had colds with kids that had to be held to sleep in an upright position because they couldn't breathe right otherwise.

Well my kids have been semi-sick. Not with the flu but the cold. And not bad enough to warrant any missed sleep (except for the occasional early wake up for Evie). But last night I started getting it so I couldn't sleep. Then Evie was waking up a bunch. And I could've gotten bummed or upset but I had this feeling come over me like "enjoy this". Even though I am tired and don't feel well - how much longer are my kids going to NEED me like this. Whenever you are sick you always want your mom (I still do now) but how much longer are they going to need their mom.

How long will it be until Gavin doesn't want to kiss me before bed and say "Good night Boog (a quote from one of his favorite movies)", or until Evelyn would rather read Teen Vogue instead of Good Night Moon? How long until they can bathe themselves or make their own food or wake up and go downstairs themselves and watch tv so mom can sleep in (ok some sound better than others for when they grow up).

But to all my friends reading this that have little ones - enjoy each day, each moment (good and bad) because one day they will not NEED you like they do now. So enjoy the fact that they sleep on you all night, or get you up at 4:45 because they are thirsty. One day they won't need that and you'll wonder where the good 'ole days have gone....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

This year was so fun for Halloween because Gavin was really into it and understood that people got dressed up and went door to door looking for "candy, candy, candy"! We were given the Garfield Halloween Movie as a Phantom Ghost - You've Got Booed present, and he has watched it every day to prepare. He told me if I helped get him candy he would let me have one piece (like Garfield says to Odie in the movie). How thoughtful of him!

This morning we went to COSI (the science institute) where they had a Bob the Builder Exhibit. We got dressed up (but were the only ones to do so) and I dressed like Daddy in scrubs and a surgical cap. Gavin thought that was so funny! We had a classic moment also while there when I had to take Gavin to the bathroom and after I changed him, I had to go. So as I was going he was like "Good job Mommy! I see those peepees. Gimme high five. You should be so proud of yourself". (You know, all the things I say to him). Then came the best line. The lady next to me was already giggling from his comments and then he says "Don't forget to wipe off your penis!" The lady cracked up trying to conceal her laugh. I laughed too! Childhood is just great!

Anyway, after COSI we came home and ALL took naps! When we woke up, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then Ashli, Nathan and Carter came over for some trick-or-treating! We circled our block, then they left and we met up with our neighbors to circle the outer block. Gavin, Nathan and Carter were so good and said trick-or-treat and thank you at almost every house! And Evelyn was a treat herself sitting calmly in the stroller. She is so cute as Minnie Mouse! Gavin LOVED seeing all the fun costumes (especially other Thomas characters) and was brave when he came to spooky ones. He FILLED his bucket with candy - and most of the stuff is okay for him to eat. Mostly suckers and M&Ms. They are his two favorites! We had soooooooo much candy to give out and not that much left. Patrick said there were A LOT of kids! I love it!!! Next up - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and then SPRING!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catch up time

Sorry for the delay in blogging. We had a crazy busy weekend!!! The bad news is Gavin is off the wagon with potty training. He has had many peepee accidents after going 5 or 6 days straight with out one!!! Bummer!

Saturday, Patrick was post-call and also had interviews for the new class coming next year. he got out, slept for about 2 hours, then we were off to a friends' birthday/costume party. Sophia just turned three and has some of her closest friends come celebrate...check out the cool outfits Aunt Peggy and Uncle Hank got our kids!!! And the coolest part was Evelyn was Minnie Mouse and GiGi (Sophia's little sister) was the girl born on the same day as Evie right next door. Too cute they were!

Sunday, Patrick was on call again - but actually got to come home for a good bit of the day. We had breakfast, cleaned, shopped and did yard work. Our lawn mower finally bit the dust so we had to borrow a neighbors to finish. He finally did get called in during the afternoon. And now since Evelyn is only down to one nap (usually 3-4 hours) I have lots of free time to chill with Gavin. So we emptied out the pumpkins so we could carve them on Monday when Daddy got home!

Monday we went to the zoo with Ashli, Nathan and Carter; Cara and Hailey; and Becca, Sophia and GiGi. It was chilly (you'd think it was the next coming of the ice age by the way I dressed my kids), but there was no wind and the sun was out so it was great! We ended up staying for almost 4 hours!!! The animals were all out and having fun - especially the penguins who put on a great show for us. It was like a movie where they would swim by super fast and jump/dive out of the water and spin in the air and land back in the water. It was so cool! I have never seen them do that before! The kids got a kick out of it - and I think the moms did too!!! The tiger was out and trotting right next to the glass and the other animals were all very active as well. Very fun! When we came back, Evie slept and Patrick, Gavin and I carved pumpkins. Patrick and I made drawings first and Gavin picked which ones he liked best and wanted us to make. Then he decided to draw some himself. He made one happy face and one sad - it was so good! Overall a great extended weekend with as much time as possible with Dad!