Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frame Workshop

Yesterday I held a workshop to learn how to make cute holiday (or any) picture frames. I had about 10 participants and two other demonstrators helping. Thanks so much to Ashli Welsh (for helping, donating her time and resources, and most of all for watching my kids) and Ashli Coburn for helping teach as well as lending her condo clubhouse to host the workshop!

It was great to see everyone's uniqueness and creativity come out in doing these. But I was most excited about the results of everyone's frames. I didn't teach much - but everyone picked up the techniques pretty easily. There were some veterans as well as new comers but overall I think the frames came out great! We had a few bubbled up paper, a few sanding mishaps, but most were fixable and turned out some great looking frames! Here are some of the results!

Also - if anyone is looking to purchase some of the designer paper (used in the frames) they are on sale - buy three packs, get one free!! Let me know if you are interested in purchasing!!!


Ashli Welsh said...

They turned out great!

Mary said...

These look great! I'm glad you had such a good turnout.