Monday, February 14, 2011

Evelyn's school play

This weekend we also got to see Evelyn's school play! They put on a cute production - and I think they all did great, especially for 4 year olds! It was all in Japanese, so I give the American kids extra credit. It was a Japanese folk tale about a Peach boy (click on the link if you want to read about it). Evelyn told me she was the devil (ogre) it finally made sense that she really was playing the part of the devil. She had a mask and everything! It was so fun to see her be part of it. Even the little things, like when the teacher did role call and said Evelyn's name, and she said "hi". Not "hai" - but close enough. She was actively involved in all the procedures and made us so proud!!!

Here are a few pics...check out my facebook page if you want to see the videos!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Weekend

This weekend we went to Evelyn's school for her play (will post about later) and then hopped in the car and headed into Tokyo. We scored tickets to the New Sanno Escoffier Dinner, as well as a room (which are hard to come by) and a babysitter hired to come watch the kids in the room while we went to dinner. We got to the hotel around 5pm, went to one of their restaurants to get the kids something to eat, then quickly got them bathed and ready for bed. The babysitter got to our room around 6:30 and we headed down for our romantic dinner.

The room was beautiful, filled with soft lighting and lots of red, pink and white decorations. A quartet band played music as well as a pianist. We had an 8 course meal accompanied by different wines. The food was unique (aka - different for me) but very good. It was a french-themed meal - so think lots of rich creams and butters. Quail egg soup??? I tried it - but had a hard time getting over the quail egg part :-) Unfortunately, all the richness made my belly upset through the night...but I still had a wonderful time with my wonderful husband!

The next morning we woke up with the kids and went to breakfast. Then we headed to their amazing pool and hot tub! We could've stayed there all day!!! But we only stayed for an hour or so. While we were there Gavin lost ANOTHER tooth! He loves telling people that he lost his tooth in Tokyo! Surely a moment to remember!

After the pool, we went back to the room, packed up, loaded the car and then headed out (by foot) into town to explore. It was a beautiful day (seriously perfect weather in the midst of a week of crappy weather) and we hopped on the subway to go to the Tokyo Tower (only 6 minutes away). The kids were so excited!!!! Since it was such a nice day, and crystal clear skies, we were able to see for miles and miles! Seriously we could see all the way from Mt Fuji to the airports! The kids thought it was so cool that they could walk out onto a glass floor and look all the way down! It was pretty scary - but once they did it - they were laying on it, jumping on it, etc. I was totally freaked out - but tried to hide it! We even waited to go all the way to the tippity top to see everything. I am glad we did (so we can say we did it) but I don't think it was worth the wait or cost to go all the way up. The main part was good for us :-)

After all that, we went back to the hotel, picked up our car and headed home. The kids and I slept the whole way (only about an hour) and I slept a little more once we were home (still so tired from being up all night). All-in-all, it was another awesome Bull Family Adventure!!!