Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Night

This year was so fun for Halloween because Gavin was really into it and understood that people got dressed up and went door to door looking for "candy, candy, candy"! We were given the Garfield Halloween Movie as a Phantom Ghost - You've Got Booed present, and he has watched it every day to prepare. He told me if I helped get him candy he would let me have one piece (like Garfield says to Odie in the movie). How thoughtful of him!

This morning we went to COSI (the science institute) where they had a Bob the Builder Exhibit. We got dressed up (but were the only ones to do so) and I dressed like Daddy in scrubs and a surgical cap. Gavin thought that was so funny! We had a classic moment also while there when I had to take Gavin to the bathroom and after I changed him, I had to go. So as I was going he was like "Good job Mommy! I see those peepees. Gimme high five. You should be so proud of yourself". (You know, all the things I say to him). Then came the best line. The lady next to me was already giggling from his comments and then he says "Don't forget to wipe off your penis!" The lady cracked up trying to conceal her laugh. I laughed too! Childhood is just great!

Anyway, after COSI we came home and ALL took naps! When we woke up, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then Ashli, Nathan and Carter came over for some trick-or-treating! We circled our block, then they left and we met up with our neighbors to circle the outer block. Gavin, Nathan and Carter were so good and said trick-or-treat and thank you at almost every house! And Evelyn was a treat herself sitting calmly in the stroller. She is so cute as Minnie Mouse! Gavin LOVED seeing all the fun costumes (especially other Thomas characters) and was brave when he came to spooky ones. He FILLED his bucket with candy - and most of the stuff is okay for him to eat. Mostly suckers and M&Ms. They are his two favorites! We had soooooooo much candy to give out and not that much left. Patrick said there were A LOT of kids! I love it!!! Next up - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and then SPRING!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catch up time

Sorry for the delay in blogging. We had a crazy busy weekend!!! The bad news is Gavin is off the wagon with potty training. He has had many peepee accidents after going 5 or 6 days straight with out one!!! Bummer!

Saturday, Patrick was post-call and also had interviews for the new class coming next year. he got out, slept for about 2 hours, then we were off to a friends' birthday/costume party. Sophia just turned three and has some of her closest friends come celebrate...check out the cool outfits Aunt Peggy and Uncle Hank got our kids!!! And the coolest part was Evelyn was Minnie Mouse and GiGi (Sophia's little sister) was the girl born on the same day as Evie right next door. Too cute they were!

Sunday, Patrick was on call again - but actually got to come home for a good bit of the day. We had breakfast, cleaned, shopped and did yard work. Our lawn mower finally bit the dust so we had to borrow a neighbors to finish. He finally did get called in during the afternoon. And now since Evelyn is only down to one nap (usually 3-4 hours) I have lots of free time to chill with Gavin. So we emptied out the pumpkins so we could carve them on Monday when Daddy got home!

Monday we went to the zoo with Ashli, Nathan and Carter; Cara and Hailey; and Becca, Sophia and GiGi. It was chilly (you'd think it was the next coming of the ice age by the way I dressed my kids), but there was no wind and the sun was out so it was great! We ended up staying for almost 4 hours!!! The animals were all out and having fun - especially the penguins who put on a great show for us. It was like a movie where they would swim by super fast and jump/dive out of the water and spin in the air and land back in the water. It was so cool! I have never seen them do that before! The kids got a kick out of it - and I think the moms did too!!! The tiger was out and trotting right next to the glass and the other animals were all very active as well. Very fun! When we came back, Evie slept and Patrick, Gavin and I carved pumpkins. Patrick and I made drawings first and Gavin picked which ones he liked best and wanted us to make. Then he decided to draw some himself. He made one happy face and one sad - it was so good! Overall a great extended weekend with as much time as possible with Dad!