Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner!

Today, Patrick's office he is currently working at (Foot and Ankle) held their annual cooking contest. There were 5 categories (appetizers, main course, side, dessert and Christmas themed) and the winner of each category won an IPod Nano 8GB. Patrick was really excited about this and wanted me to enter something. For anyone knowing me PP (pre-Patrick) knows that I couldn't even make grilled cheese. So it should tell you how far I have come along since we have been together that he would even suggest I make something that other people will actually have to eat!

My friend, Jen Johnson, made me this fabulous white chicken chili when I had Evelyn and I instantly fell in love with the recipe. She generously shared it - and now it is a staple in our house! I have made it for friends and family and everyone else has the same reaction that I did...They want the recipe!!!! So I knew it was the best chance that we had of winning.

Patrick cam home and told me that some broccoli dish won. I was so disappointed - mostly because I wanted Patrick to be proud of me. And because I knew how badly he wanted that IPod. I really thought he was tricking me - but he let it drop and nothing more was said. He thanked me for trying and said it was a close call. Well, he was tricking me... and had my friend Lisa call and say her husband (who works with Patrick) needed the award winning recipe. She said it must have been great to win first place! So Patrick started laughing and took the IPod out to show it off. It is even engraved on the back - so we have proof that I can actually cook!!!

Of course I am happy that we won such a cool prize - but I am even happier when I hear Patrick tell the story of how everyone thought it was so good and asked for the recipe. He was really proud and made sure to give me props for cooking it. It is actually a simple recipe - and I hope Jen knows how happy it has made us to have it!!!!!