Saturday, October 2, 2010

birthday party and summer sweeps

I decided to throw the kids a birthday party about 2 weeks ago. I was able to book the indoor pool (with an inflatable obstacle course) so we invited all the boys from Gavin's class and all the girls at Evie's bus stop and a few more family friends. All-in-all, there were 18 kids! It was great to have such a fun party, even though it was our first one being away from family and friends. I was so grateful for everyone who came to help make it such a success. I did, however, feel a little lame since I am usually a HUGE party planner/thrower. This one didn't get as much attention as I usually would give - due to the little planning time and the crappy week leading up to it. I was able to get some cute kid favors and I remembered to order enough pizza. That's about all the energy I put into it :-) Which, in some ways was nice.

The next day we also had another fun day because the base had it's summer sweeps party. Lots of inflatables, free food, prizes, giveaways, Japanese Elvis know, the usual. The kids had a great day and we had fun relaxing and enjoying time together as a family.

a rough week

This week has been a bit rough for me. That is why I haven't really posted. As most people, I usually like to post about the fun, exciting, upbeat things we have done. Once in a while, it is also fun to post about how disastrous your house looks, the funny story about you getting a speeding ticket, or some other not-perfect moment - just because it is a great way to look back and say your life was full of adventures good and bad. But this week, I felt plain anxiety (which is not like me).

It started off bad because Evelyn had been sick for almost a week. I debated sending her to school or not (anxiety) and then also if she had more than just a virus (more anxiety). After speaking to her pediatrician on base and some friends who are pediatricians, I decided since she was fever free for 5 days, I would try to send her to school. She really didn't want to go but eventually got her uniform on and went. After school, she looked like she had been crying and apparently had hit her eye/face on the bus (I think she fell asleep and then they hit a bump and she hit her face). Well, Tuesday came and she did not want to go again. This time she put up much more of a fight, but we were watching a friend who also goes to her school - so I made her get dressed and go since we had to take her friend anyway. I went off to a function (the art of flower arranging Japanese style) and ended up getting called in by the school to pick her up. She just cried at school and wouldn't eat and was not participating in anything at school.

I was afraid she was still sick - but as soon as I picked her up and brought her home, she was fine. The straw that broke my back though, came on Thursday morning when we went to get ready for school. She really did NOT want to go to school. Nor did she want to take the bus. She is afraid of the bus now (since hurting her face - which was not even bruised - I think it just scared her). We went to the bus stop and she started screaming and crying and freaking out. I had a decision to make...take her home or make her go. I chose to send her off, handing her over to the teacher aide on the bus as she looked at me pathetically out the window - like "how could you do this to me". I called the school to warn them and asked for an update.

I had a special ceremony for a culture club group that I am, which was a good distraction, but I felt bad because I wasn't totally concentrating on the ceremony. I was checking my phone every minute and called a few times to see how she was doing. They told me she stopped crying but would not take off her jacket and hat or backpack. I know this is normal for a lot of preschoolers - but it sucks. It rips my heart out to know she is not happy. She has even started to be sad at home too. And aggressive. It made me so anxious to know that it is most likely our move to Japan that has done this.

But I have been reminded that it is normal. She will cope with this and we will learn how to help her express her feelings and concerns. Nonetheless, it was a torturous week. She did make it through that day though - and was fine when she got home. Happy even. She did not have school friday - which was Gavin's birthday AND their birthday party she helped me get ready for the party. We ran errands, played some Mah Jongg (she played DSi), and had lunch with friends.

The week did end on a great note though. The party was successful and I think the kids really had fun. I was nervous since it was their first birthday away from friends/family but there were about 17 or 18 kids to help them celebrate. I am grateful we have met some people who can ease our transition. Now if I could only make Evie LOVE going to school...

I will post pictures on the next camera is not working right now...