Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My 1st Stampin' Up Club!!!

Last night I held my first Stampin' Up monthly club meeting at my house. We will meet once a month here at 7:30 (after the kiddies are down for bed) and do 3 projects. This month we focused on Valentine's Day and made a card, a candy bag topper and a 6x6 scrapbook layout. Ashli Welsh and I decided on what projects to make together, so we could split the costs of supplies, etc and it makes it more fun designing with someone else. We tweaked things a bit individually - but the theme is the same overall.

4 girls from the Doctor's group (Michal, Carrie, Jessica and Cara) and 2 neighbors (Christa and Beth) make up our club. We whipped out some wine, Christa made brownies, and we just had a fun night with the girls making some projects. I had a great time and want to thank everyone for making my first club a success! I can't wait for next month! Anyone that wants to come can contact me...we will be meeting next on Feb 19th.

I attached pics of the projects we made as well as some of the girls making them...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Day and Fun Night

Yesterday Patrick was super tired from a rough night on call so the kids and I went to the Columbus Reading Festival. It was really fun (although a bit more for older kids) but had characters, authors, games, face painting, etc. I think Gavin was overwhelmed by it and he was pretty content just staying in the stroller. He did, of course, go on the jumpy moon bounce thing! He wouldn't come out! I had to go in and get him - but he was so cute about it that I didn't care. He was giggling so much and it really was fun for him - so what's a little naughty behavior? I guess he caught Mommy on a good day so I played along instead of yelling for him to listen to me!!! I think he responded better to that anyway.

When we got home we ALL took long naps and then had some of our very good friends over. Mike, Martina and Ellie came (until about 8pm) and Cara and Phillip stayed until after midnight!!! We got pizza, chatted, played with much fun. Then when the Pokablas left, we played boys against girls games with Cara and Phillip. Cara is another super competitive girl - so we made a great team! And we crushed the boys!!! We lost in Apples to Apples (we think the boys were cheating) but beat them bad in Mad Gab and especially in Pictionary. In their defense, they were getting drunker and drunker while we sobered up a bit. But we beat them TWICE - and even gave them a head start! Look out ladies at our 2/7 meeting.... Cara and I are a force to be reckoned with!!!