Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Self Inflicted Frenulumectomy

Ok - I know that is a weird title for this blog but once you read it - you'll understand. Thins morning Evie was walking towards me in the bathroom when she started to teeter. She fell in a downward dog position (on hands and feet) but then continued to topple. Her arms got pinned underneath her and her head smashed right into our tile bathroom floor. It didn't look like a big deal so I was like "You're ok, You're ok". But then when she started to cry, large amounts of blood started flowing from her mouth. So now I am screaming, "Oh, Sh*t!". I grab her to try to figure out what is wrong but she is obviously not letting me - plus there is too much blood to see much. I take her downstairs, page Patrick and try to get her to suck some ice or a teething ring, etc to keep the swelling down. She settled down quickly but I could still not see much in there. Her teeth were not knocked out but there was a bloody clump of tissue/gum/yuck that was jammed between her teeth. I didn't know if it was serious or not so I called my friend's Pediatric Dentist and got an appointment right away!

Turns out Evelyn tore her frenulum - that stringy tissue thing that attaches at your gum lin and you lips. Hers was down further than most people and would have probably need a frenulumectomy anyway soon to avoid a gap in her teeth. So the dentist said she saved us money and just did it herself!!! The dentist (Dr. JoJo - who was great - thanks Leah for the recommendation) scraped away the gunk and made her tear a clean cut. She is still able to eat and drink - but is a little sore. Her pacifier was in - so that probably saved her teeth. Who would've thought that a pacifier would be good for their teeth one day?

On another bummer note - Gavin was at the doctors a bunch yesterday because he came down with bronchiolitis and needed breathing treatments as he was gasping for breaths. He is much better now - but we are ready to be injury and sick free!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honoring a namesake

Today we are honoring Evelyn's namesake - my Grammy Eve. Today is her birthday and on this day I decided to celebrate her by making the foods that she loved to make. So this morning I made some pancakes (from scratch) although I could NEVER repeat her famous syrup recipe (brown sugar, sugar and water heated up). I try and try but it does not come out right. So we just used store bought syrup. I also plan on making her famous sugar cookies - which were always in abundant supply whenever we stayed at her house. There are certain things that will always remind me of her, and I plan on sharing them with my children as well. I am grateful that Gavin got to know her a little bit - and he looks at her pictures every night (because they are in a Disney album in his room) and remembers that's Grammy Eve. She thought the world of all of her children, grandchildren and especially great-grandchildren. So every year I vow to keep her memory alive by making her famous foods so my children will get a chance to remember her just like I do!

Frame Workshop

Yesterday I held a workshop to learn how to make cute holiday (or any) picture frames. I had about 10 participants and two other demonstrators helping. Thanks so much to Ashli Welsh (for helping, donating her time and resources, and most of all for watching my kids) and Ashli Coburn for helping teach as well as lending her condo clubhouse to host the workshop!

It was great to see everyone's uniqueness and creativity come out in doing these. But I was most excited about the results of everyone's frames. I didn't teach much - but everyone picked up the techniques pretty easily. There were some veterans as well as new comers but overall I think the frames came out great! We had a few bubbled up paper, a few sanding mishaps, but most were fixable and turned out some great looking frames! Here are some of the results!

Also - if anyone is looking to purchase some of the designer paper (used in the frames) they are on sale - buy three packs, get one free!! Let me know if you are interested in purchasing!!!