Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictures from Lynn

One of my girlfriends from college used to live in Columbus (she actually stayed here in Hilliard) and was visiting her inlaws who still live here. She came to the house on saturday and we had an amazing visit. Easy talks, catching up, and good eats! Her 2 favorite places to eat were on the agenda (since she is 17 weeks prego - it was an important part) but she also took time to snap some shots of the kids with her fancy dancy equipment. She would love to become a pro photographer - but it will have to wait for now! I am posting her awesome pics! She got more of Gavin than Evie - but anyone who has tried to take a picture of her would understand!

I was so glad she visited, it felt so good to have someone linked to my past visiting in my present!!!! Thanks for coming Lynn!

Swinging into spring

These past few days have been so much warmer than any weather we have had in a while. We have taken full advantage by going to the zoo, Homestead park, and just spending HOURS outside in our backyards! Evie is growing up so quickly and is now only interested in the big kids swing! She does pretty well, but I still don't push her too high. They grow up so darn fast!