Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had another low key Easter this year. G&E had a fun egg hunt at their gymnastics school on Friday night and then LOVED finding the chocolate trail that the Easter Bunny left them, leading to their baskets on Sunday morning. They each got a new movie, a kite and a puzzle. They also got to search for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid inside our house. We love these fun games :-)

Per our usual last minute tradition, Angie and I decided to have Easter dinner together and invite the group, in case there were some people that didn't have plans and wanted to join us. This year we had 4 other families join us for some delicious food and great fellowship. Gavin (and baby Cameron) were the only boys, but held their own amongst the girls. I bought a huge ham to feed everyone (since I didn't want to dirty my kitchen with cooking :-), and everyone else brought delicious homemade goodies/sides/accompaniments. Angie set up 2 kids tables in her kitchen and then 2 grown up tables in the dining room (which ended up men vs women).

After dinner and too many desserts, we told the kids that there were eggs hidden outside that they could find. I hid 32 eggs (and there were 8 kids) so each kid got to find 4 eggs and then help the littler ones find 4. It was so cute to see them stand at the door looking to find them before they were allowed out. Unfortunately, my kids barely ate dinner (and ate bunches of candy) so had a meltdown around 6pm. Luckily, we are right across the street so Patrick took them home so I could hang with my friends a bit longer. I am sure going to miss these Easter times we had in residency!