Saturday, February 9, 2008

Computer Down! Computer Down!!

Man - Life sucks without a computer. I didn't realize how much until mine went down. I guess it happened tuesday night and I have been without for almost 4 days. Whew. I had to borrow neighbors (or call my friends/sisters to help), couldn't get phone numbers stored in my computer and had to find a reliable source to fix it. Thanks, Christa, for recommending Ward from Award Technologies. He and his wife were great! Unlike many other places, they only charged for the actual time in front of your computer - so if a program took hours to boot up or scan - they only charged minutes that they actually stood in front of your computer. They were also sooooooo nice and I will definitely use them if I need to again!

This week Gavin caught the sick bug so we didn't do too much. We did attend playgroup (At COSI ( and he got the fever right after. So nothing on Thursday or friday...except of course my wive's club meeting on Thursday night. We played Pictionary and had so much fun. I will post some pics compliments of Mary (ignore my chin(s)). As a family we went to Lowe's this morning because G is feeling better - but not much else planned. We have a 1st birthday party to go to soon and then that's it!!! And my computer is back - so I have lots to catch up on (bills, emails, myspace... you know the important stuff!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I need more of weekends like this

This weekend was great! Lots of sleep, family outings, and good food. Saturday was such a relaxing day that we felt bad for keeping the kids inside (after a few days of being forced inside due to Evie's illness) so we gathered up our stuff and headed to Graeter's Ice Cream for some good eats. Bad idea - since everyone else had the same one. It was more crowded than I have ever seen it! A madhouse!!! We basically just grabbed some ice cream and left. The kids went down around 8pm and Patrick and I hung out, watched tv and played cards. He came from way behind to beat me in rummy....but that's another story!

Sunday we took a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory for their Enchanted Express exhibit as well as their orchid displays. Both were totally awesome!!!!Here are some of our pics from the day...

We rounded out the weekend by having our good friends, the Welshes, over for Superbowl. The kids had fun until half time when they left. Then we put our kids down and watched the rest of the game. We didn't really care - but were kinda hoping for the Pats. But either way was good!