Saturday, December 6, 2008

First school party

Gavin got invited to his first party for a friend at school. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful and close knit friends here in Columbus, but I know that school friends are important too. Since Gavin had just started school when his birthday was here (and because we had 70 people) we did not invite anyone from school. Well, today we went to his friend Luke's house. There were 4 other kids invited from his class as well as 2 or 3 neighborhood friends. He had a blast! They did a fire truck theme - and played lots of games, and activities, and just had fun playing outside of school. It reminded me of when you start choosing your own friends instead of having them thrust upon you because of your parents are friends with their parents (although some of my lifelong friends are from our parents being friends). It was another realization that my baby boy is growing up - faster than I would like!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last night we had Winterfest at Gavin's school. I am on the PTO so I was involved with the process so it was great to see such a wonderful turnout. Over the whole night, we estimate that there were over 250 people through the halls! We had Santa there (the biggest hit of the night) and you could bring your own cameras to get pictures! We also had games (all preschool oriented), desserts (free), the Alton Darby Elementary Choir and a silent auction. I was co-chair of the silent auction and we raised over $700 to go towards Adopt-A-Families and other important needs at the school! The biggest hit were the priceless works of art that each classroom made on canvases. I won Gavin's room (the one with the hand prints)!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Santa...

The prep....

The list...

Long time - no blog...again!

It has been quite busy around here. Mostly my fault with making some scrapbooks and cards, etc. Not a lot of time for blogging. Plus, my obsession with facebook was getting in the way! Anyway - I am jumping right to Thanksgiving and the following weekend.

We were lucky enough to have great friends, Sarah and Greg (and Josh and Grant - their kids) who invited us over for Thanksgiving. Sarah and I went to elementary school through high school together - and her parents were in town also - so it felt a little bit closer to being at home. Both she and Greg went to Penn State so the conversation was always flowing between Patrick and them. Anyway, Gavin absolutely LOVES Josh (and all his toys) so they were like angels the whole night. Evelyn was also quite occupied...which led to all of us being able to sit and relax and eat without being interrupted! It was great!!! The food was fabulous and the company was great too! We had a little melt down when it was time to leave - but overall it was quite relaxing!

The next day was Patrick's birthday - and black friday! I got up at 4 something and went with Angie to Walmart, Old Navy and Target. We were home by was great! I didn't get much - but it was still fun to go. The rest of the day was really nice. We ordered Papa John's pizza and drank our most expensive bottle of wine (per Patrick's birthday dinner wish). Then he kicked my butt in Mexican Train Dominos! The next morning, we all went shopping together, bought a Christmas tree (where we ran into our neighbors) and started decorating. We decided to go to the WildLights at the Zoo too. It was sunny and warmer - so we thought it would be fun! Sarah had recommended going early so we got there by 5:30...just at dusk. There were a lot of people - but not a ton! So it was great. The weather was not too cold and there was not really a line for anything. The Christensens also joined us - so it made it even more fun! By the time we left - there was a line of cars out the parking lot and more than 2 miles down the main road!!!! CraZY! I am so glad we listened to Sarah and went at 5:30...if anyone else plans on going, that is the way to do it!!!

Today we decorated the house and tree. Patrick likes colored lights - so I gave in again and did a colored tree. Gavin helped with the ornaments -and so far no one has pulled it down yet (knock on wood). It really was a great family weekend!!! Except Patrick just got called into surgery - but at least I can watch Desperate Housewives in peace!