Saturday, September 15, 2007

funny jokes and a touching story

So Ashli had a funny surgery joke on her blog today ( which made me crack up. Then I was online trying to find jokes about cancer (not a funny topic but a good friend was just diagnosed and was asking for some humorous jokes about cancer to lighten his day - so I found one....What do you call insects with cancer? MalignANT and BEEnign). And I found these jokes about orthopedic surgeons...

3 orthopaedic surgeons took 55 days to do a jigsaw and were proud of their achievement.
When asked why they were so proud they said because it said 2-3 years on the box.

At an orthopaedic meeting how can you spot the academic orthopaedic surgeon?
He's the one who can just get his knuckles off the floor!

What's the difference between a carpenter and an orthopaedic surgeon?
A carpenter knows more than one antibiotic!

How do you hide a twenty pound note from an orthopaedic surgeon?
Put it in a text book!

How do you spot the orthopaedic surgeon's car in the car park?
It's the Porsche with a comic on the back shelf!

What's the difference between a rhinoceros and an orthopaedic surgeon?
One's thick-skinned, small-brained and charges a lot for no very good reason....the other's a rhinoceros.

What do you call two orthopaedic surgeons looking at a chest X-ray?
A double blind study.

The definition of shifting dullness - an orthopaedic ward round.

Why do anaesthetists take an instant dislike to orthopaedic surgeons?
Because it saves time

How do you get an Orthopaedic Surgeon to refer you to some one else?

Ask him the time.

Patrick will probably not find these so funny - but I got a laugh.

On a more serious note about our friend, Mark. We visited Mark (a med school buddy of Patrick), his wife Amy and daughter Abby over Labor Day. They told us they had some good news and bad news to share with us. The good news - Amy was expecting their second child. The bad news - Mark was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. These are two of the nicest people we have ever met who DO NOT deserve to go through anything like this (but who does, right?). I am attaching the link to Mark's website for you to read. Their story is touching, funny, sad - basically all the emotions one can feel towards a family going through this. Please take the time to visit the site and help Mark through prayers and well wishes!

Monday, September 10, 2007

new pics

Check out my new pics from Stoneboro and also our Day out With Thomas - to see more about Thomas - check out my friend Ashli's blog, at


Wow! I really have a good excuse for not updating this blog in such a long time! My stupid cable/phone/internet company sucks. This is such a long, disgusting story of how large corporations can truly take advantage of people. Luckily, my sister Anna and her husband work for a cable company and cable installation/fixer subcontractor. They were able to whip out some good things to say to TIME WARNER (who sucks ass) to get the job done - after 3 weeks of little or no internet and phone connection. It really makes me want to drink to tell this story - so long and short of it is:

Problems with internet and phone
Rude customer service
Severely long hold times and waiting times for techs to come fix it
3 techs that don't know their head from their ass
1 tech who finally found the problem but couldn't fix it
another week without phone or internet
sister steps in and calls on my behalf and yells at time warner explaining IT IS ILLEGAL TO LET A CUSTOMER GO WITHOUT A DIAL TONE FOR OVER 48 HOURS so they have to come within 2 days - not one week
TW tries to skirt out of it saying they need a "specialized tech crew"
Anna tells them the Columbus dispatch would be interested to hear about this story - they get people here in 2 days
"Specialized techs" are supposed to work between 4-7 (it takes three hours to totally rewire house)
They arrive at 6:59 (although the write on the work order that they got there at 5:05)
They smell like smoke and know I am pissed they are late so they try to joke with me
They inform me they are not licensed in what needs to be done - although TW swears they are and tells me not to let them leave as they are just trying to skirt out of the job
My bro-in-law gets on with the head tech and talks shady-like tech stuff and all of a sudden the guys are willing to fix it for me
It takes about an hour and it is fixed
They leave their ladder at my house and call to ask if they could get it the next day
I said I would be there between 12-4...they said that was not going to work for them - but I said too bad, that is the only time I can give them
Now my cable is going out
The box is broken and they can't get someone here until wednesday - which was after I was on hold or told I would be called back for 3 hours

So...anyone out their love their cable/internet/phone company. Because mine is getting kicked to the curb!!!