Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bye Bye Awesome Gavin Hair

So even though Patrick was on call last night, he got lots of sleep and is good to go today. After breakfast, we came home and were going to play outside with the kids - but it was so hot! So I decided - Enough is enough - we have to cut Gavin's hair. It was getting pretty long - and very cool looking...but not very cool feeling. He was sweating a lot and it was getting to be a pain. So here are some before amd after shots...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Patrick started his first call shift this morning over at Children's. He didn't get home until just before 8 last night and was asleep by 9 (as were the kids). There is a huge festival called red, white and boom in downtown Columbus - but I knew there was no way we would make it with all of them being so tired -so I stayed up until 10:15 to watch some of it (on tv and in my yard) - but fell asleep even before the fireworks display was over. So this morning I felt a little more patriotic and decided to take the kiddies to the local parade.

My neighbor, Angie, and her 3 girls (Kelly, McKenna and Camille) headed out just in time before they closed down the roads and got a great spot for parking and found our friend Leah and her family and sat with them. The anticipation of the parade was very exciting - I wish I could say the same about the parade itself. Unfortunately, it was 2 HOURS long! Way too long for the kids. But we were stuck in it! Luckily, Gavin was in a pretty chill mood and Evie slept in her stroller for most of it. The candy helped occupy the kids but soon enough you could hear them telling their moms, "Mommy, my belly hurts". Yeah, no crap. That's what 6 lollipops, 14 tootsie rolls, 4 lemonheads, 2 packs of smarties and 10 sticks of gum will do to ya! I'm just kidding around - but it was cute to see them eat all that candy! Again, lucky for me Gavin was chilled and didn't rush after or care for the candy too much. I brought a few lollipops (as I always do) and just let him have 2 of those. The parade was fun for the first 1/2 hour but then it was just the same old thing. But it felt good to be surrounded by so many people in red, white and blue and to see some veterans and how happy they were to see the kids so excited! We are not going to any picnics or parties today and will be asleep before fireworks tonight since Patrick won't be home and the kids haven't had an afternoon nap. But we will honor the troops supporting our freedom and thank all that have served our country in the past!

Oh, yeah...Evelyn is standing up/pulling up on her own now and is cruising around holding onto things. I hope she doesn't start walking any time soon - I am NOT ready for two kids that can run away from me!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

sweetest pic ever

OK - So this may look like a silly picture to some of you...even ones with kids. But the story behind the picture tells you of how truly sweet kids are. Josh (the little guy in the middle) had run towards the swings while Sophia (the little girl on the left) was swinging. The adults saw it happen but couldn't move quick enough to stop it so all we could do was scream "NO!" which scared the kids even more. THWACK! Josh went to the ground. Thank God for Hank's product, RubbaMulch. It probably saved a huge head injury because his head hit the ground first - although we knew Josh was more scared than hurt. Sarah (Josh's mom) picked up and try to soothe him and make him feel better and set him down on this bench with his sippy cup to distract him from what had happened. Well, Gavin and Sophia wanted to help make him feel better - and that is what my friend Becca captured in this picture. Look at how motherly Sophia is - talking to Josh and telling him he is okay. And check out Gavin - who gave Josh his train to hold (which is huge in my book) and hugging him so tight - like I do when Gavin gets hurt. The sweet innocence of childhood friends...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Shot in the a**

So my right eye is now swelling up from this stupid infection. It was so swollen and goopy and oozy this morning I called the Doctor AGAIN (they know my name and number by heart now) and went in for a quick appt. She decided to shoot me up with a massive steroid injection which they had to give me in my "hip". I don't know why they don't just say ass. It was "Please lower your pants and bend over". If they wanted a meaty area they should've done it in my belly as anyone who knows me knows I have the boniest butt around! No meat there! Anyway, it stung a little but not bad.

After that, I met up with Sarah, Josh, Becca, Sophia and Gigi. We went to a park near Becca's so she could take pics of the kids. Another beautiful day and the kids played so well and we got some great pictures. Once she sends them I will post!

What a great weekend!

So this weekend was absolutely gorgeous weatherwise! High 70s - Low 80s and sunny with a light breeze. Just the perfect summer weekend. Patrick was stressed about starting at Children's today so I feel he missed out in enjoying the beautiful-ness of it. Luckily, his friend Glen recommended a great movie that got Patrick back to enjoying the moment. Living in the present. Appreciating the ordinary - and realizing that nothing is ordinary...every event is extraordinary. So some people may have had a boring, ordinary weekend...but we sat down last night and realized ours was extraordinary. Here are some of the extraordinary events that happened:

- The lights Patrick hooked up to the stairs on the deck finally worked.
- Our kids played together in a hammock.
- I pushed both kids on the swing while they squealed in delight.
- We went on a date Saturday night while neighbors stayed at our house and watched the kids.
- We went to our normal breakfast place on Sunday.
- We went as a family to fountain park and got to watch Gavin play like a big kid.
- Patrick got sunburn on his back from working too much without a shirt on!
- Our kids were asleep by 7:30 on Sunday so we could watch a movie together and reconnect.

I am posting some pictures I had (from our camera phone). Hope you enjoy!