Monday, July 2, 2007

Shot in the a**

So my right eye is now swelling up from this stupid infection. It was so swollen and goopy and oozy this morning I called the Doctor AGAIN (they know my name and number by heart now) and went in for a quick appt. She decided to shoot me up with a massive steroid injection which they had to give me in my "hip". I don't know why they don't just say ass. It was "Please lower your pants and bend over". If they wanted a meaty area they should've done it in my belly as anyone who knows me knows I have the boniest butt around! No meat there! Anyway, it stung a little but not bad.

After that, I met up with Sarah, Josh, Becca, Sophia and Gigi. We went to a park near Becca's so she could take pics of the kids. Another beautiful day and the kids played so well and we got some great pictures. Once she sends them I will post!

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