Thursday, September 25, 2008


I swear these kids have been spoiled rotten lately. Within a week, they have had a family party, will have a huge friends party, went to Pump It Up, went to the zoo, spent time with the grandparents, went to a carnival, played outside every afternoon with friends, AND went to COSI for playgroup. COSI was named the #1 Children's Science Center in the country by Parents magazine, but we love it even more because it has a GREAT kids play area. The picture is of Gavin and our neighbors/friends McKenna and Camille playing dress up like Doctors! How cute!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Evie's birthday weekend - Nationwide Children's Hospital Day

We said farewell to MomMom and PopPop (much to Gavin's dismay) and went to the Nationwide Children's Hospital Employee day. Patrick did not want to join us (he doesn't like going to work when he doesn't have to) and had lots of studying to do, so he stayed home. G&E had a blast! They had huge slides (much like Pump It Up) and face painting, ice cream, kite making, the Turtle Lady, the Bug Man, and much more! It was a beautiful day and Gavin loved ALL of it! Evie mostly stayed in her stroller, eating lollipops and ice cream...rough life, huh? (PS - Don't tell our dentist!)

Evie's birthday weekend - zoo with mommom and poppop

It was such a gorgeous day and we wanted to have fun with MomMom and PopPop Bull so we decided to go to the zoo. We heard rumors that Dora was there - but then I saw the line wrapped around out the gates, and decided we would just wait for her personal appearance at our party next weekend. We did see some crazy monkey action and get to have fun in the playground. Gavin, Mommy and PopPop also got to go on the big pirate ship ride. I think sitting in the back seat was a BAD idea since Gavin was scared out of his mind and Mommy and PopPop both have VERY weak stomachs. I guess we know better next time. Poor Gavin was 2 inches too short for the log flume - so it sort of ended on a bad note. But then we got home, had a great BBQ and went for some yummy Handel's Ice Cream! Overall, a great day!!!

Evie's birthday weekend - Cupcakes with neighbors!

After Pump It Up, we came home and got ready for MomMom and PopPop to come over. While Gavin was at school, Mommy had her secret cleaning helper over to get things prepared for the in-laws. Evelyn woke up a bit early and wanted to play and I found her out on the deck eating a cupcake!!! What a sneaky girl!!! Then later on, we had all the neighbor kids over for some cupcakes. She had about 3 more cupcakes and was devasted when I wouldn't allow any more!

Evie's birthday weekend - Pump It Up

We started off Evie's birthday weekend with some fun at Pump It Up, a cool party place with huge blow up inflatables like slides, bounce houses and obstacle courses. We were joined by the Christensens, the Youngs, and the Drexels. Gavin had a blast and Evie liked sliding down the hills that are meant to climb in from. It was super fun though - and a great way to start off the day!