Sunday, September 21, 2008

Evie's birthday weekend - Nationwide Children's Hospital Day

We said farewell to MomMom and PopPop (much to Gavin's dismay) and went to the Nationwide Children's Hospital Employee day. Patrick did not want to join us (he doesn't like going to work when he doesn't have to) and had lots of studying to do, so he stayed home. G&E had a blast! They had huge slides (much like Pump It Up) and face painting, ice cream, kite making, the Turtle Lady, the Bug Man, and much more! It was a beautiful day and Gavin loved ALL of it! Evie mostly stayed in her stroller, eating lollipops and ice cream...rough life, huh? (PS - Don't tell our dentist!)


Mary said...

What a busy weekend! It looks like the kids had a great time!

Britt said...

Happy birthday little chica!!