Sunday, September 21, 2008

Evie's birthday weekend - zoo with mommom and poppop

It was such a gorgeous day and we wanted to have fun with MomMom and PopPop Bull so we decided to go to the zoo. We heard rumors that Dora was there - but then I saw the line wrapped around out the gates, and decided we would just wait for her personal appearance at our party next weekend. We did see some crazy monkey action and get to have fun in the playground. Gavin, Mommy and PopPop also got to go on the big pirate ship ride. I think sitting in the back seat was a BAD idea since Gavin was scared out of his mind and Mommy and PopPop both have VERY weak stomachs. I guess we know better next time. Poor Gavin was 2 inches too short for the log flume - so it sort of ended on a bad note. But then we got home, had a great BBQ and went for some yummy Handel's Ice Cream! Overall, a great day!!!

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