Monday, November 19, 2007

At Tishy Moms house!

The kids and I loaded up the car on Friday and headed back to PA for Thanksgiving week. Patrick is on Q2 (every other night on call) so we decided to come out here to let family see the kids and then Patrick and I are going to Florida for 4 days (ALONE) so the grandparents will take turns watching them also.

The car ride back was fine - except for the speeding ticket I got. Too bad we weren't closer to Columbus where I could use the physician/husband card, but whatever. It was a bogus ticket - but I defintely speed so I am deserving of one (even if it wasn't this time). I was in the middle lane and a cop was in the right shoulder up ahead, so a big truck cut me off (he moved from the right lane to the middle lane in front of me). So I moved over to the left lane but a car was flying up my butt so I had to speed up to get around the truck - and that is when the cop caught me. Oh well. $130 down the drain. Other than that it was a perfect trip - kids were great, no construction, etc.

I got to go to a good friends' baby shower, spend time at the best mall in the world and see some long missed girlfriends for dinner and it has only been 3 days! I am glad I came! The kids are loving it too - because anyone who knows my mom, knows that she spoils the crap out of them (actually out of everyone). So they are having fun. I am really trying to keep a strict schedule for naps/sleep since TishyMom always seems to convince me to let them stay up late - but this time she is being good and following my requests.

I can't wait to see Patrick again and spend some time with him. I hope he is able to relax and have fun! This Q2 is killing him! I'll post some pics when I can...