Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honoring a namesake

Today we are honoring Evelyn's namesake - my Grammy Eve. Today is her birthday and on this day I decided to celebrate her by making the foods that she loved to make. So this morning I made some pancakes (from scratch) although I could NEVER repeat her famous syrup recipe (brown sugar, sugar and water heated up). I try and try but it does not come out right. So we just used store bought syrup. I also plan on making her famous sugar cookies - which were always in abundant supply whenever we stayed at her house. There are certain things that will always remind me of her, and I plan on sharing them with my children as well. I am grateful that Gavin got to know her a little bit - and he looks at her pictures every night (because they are in a Disney album in his room) and remembers that's Grammy Eve. She thought the world of all of her children, grandchildren and especially great-grandchildren. So every year I vow to keep her memory alive by making her famous foods so my children will get a chance to remember her just like I do!

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Laura said...

What a good idea.