Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Super Fun Playgroup

Today playgroup was at my house. We were making up for last week when it snowed so much - and created cards to give to an assistance living home. Ashli did a great job preparing everything and we made super cute cards - one with handprints that turned into Santa, and another with thumbprints that were reindeer. Most of the kids cooperated very well - and some were with the occasional painted hand in mom's face.

We had a large turnout which is great, but unfortunately my house is super small so it got HOT and crowded!!! But the kids all seemed to have a blast, plus it was the first time in a while that the moms sat, drank coffee or water, and talked since the kids were in viewing range at almost all times. Some of the older kids (Gavin's age is now considered older kids - aahhhh!) played in the basement and had fun trashing that area too! At the end we drew names for our gift exchange next week at our kiddie holiday party! Can you believe the holidays aer here?!?!?!!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh again!

I had a great time and hope everyone else did. One of my girlfriends even stayed late and just hung out with me while Evie slept and Gavin and her son Bryce played...I love girlfriend chat time!

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Mary said...

We had a terrific time. Thank you for volunteering your home.