Wednesday, December 19, 2007

playgroup christmas party

Today was our annual playgroup Christmas Party. Unfortunately, Evelyn is really sick so I dropped Gavin off (along with our presents, food, etc) and ran some errands with Evie so she wasn't around the other kids too much. She was actually doing much better this morning since her fever broke, but I didn't want her to come in contact with the other kiddos. So I dropped Gavin off, ran errands and swung back around to pick him up. When I got back, they still hadn't opened gifts or anything so I brought Evie in and strapped her to a feeding chair so she wouldn't play/touch other kids.

Luckily, I did get some cute shots of the kids opening gifts. It was a great day - but Gavin was acting very aggressive. He gets that way in large groups. Alpha Male Syndrome I guess. Anyway, it was so cute to see the kids exchange and open gifts - I can't wait for Christmas morning!

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