Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year Valentine's Day was very fun for us! Usually it is low key - but this year we went to the playgroup party on Wednesday and Patrick and I went to dinner and a movie on Thursday! The playgroup party was at Becca's house and I am going to post some pics. The kids had so much fun and were crazy from the sugar - but as we all know...when you have a sugar rush - you have a sugar plummet too! Check them ALL out on the couch in a sugar coma.

Patrick and I haven't really done much since med school (pre-kids). So it was nice to get a babysitter and go out. We saw Jumper - which was pretty good. More nice to go out together, hold hands, and pretend to be a "normal couple" who does this all the time. I don't mind that we don't do it too much because it makes the dates more special when we do go out! Plus, V-day was the day Patrick made the 1st move in taking our friendship further by leaving a rose on my car at the KOP shopping mall. We met for a "lunch work date" and he gave me a generic card (to trick me). I was kind of peeved that he didn't make a move but then when I left and went to my car, he left a rose and a heartfelt letter that made me knew he was going to be the one! Who would have thought that 7 years from that date we would have 2 kids and a mortgage!!! I love him, our kids and our life together so much! This year he surprised me with my favorite cupcakes (from cake creations) and another love letter. He is so great!

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Melissa Jones Photography said...

love cake creations. The buckeye peanut butter and choc. are amazing! I love the raspberry filled too!