Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Name, Middle Name

You know when you yell at your kids when they are REALLY in trouble you use their full name? Well, I do it, and I know my friends do it too. So when Gavin sees someone doing something bad - he yells their first and middle names. I noticed it with Ashli's kids...Nathan Christopher - do not do that! Or Carter Benjamin - no no!!! It is pretty cute. He even knows when he is in trouble without me saying anything. He says, "Is Gavin Elliot in trouble?"

Another super cute thing he got from Angie's house. I don't know how it originated (maybe he did it or one of the other boys she watches) - but he started calling McKenna "the kenna" (almost like dakenna). So yesterday I heard him yelling at Evelyn saying "Evelyn the-kenna do not stand on the couch!" I did not even know he knew her full name. But now all day he has been calling her that. It is so sweet.

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